Turn up and get results.

Intro to Claudefit

Hello and welcome to the first publication of my blog on Fitness,Strength, life, banter, promoting myself silly and whatever happens to jump into my old head. I’ll try not to go astray and do my best to keep to the subject matter. Well i’ll try.

I was born in 1967 so you are dealing with a grown up most of the time, sometime behave like a 12 year old, really I do, just ask any of my colleagues or clients. I keep things simple which allows me to get results and be understood by people who dont speak “gym”. Why complicate something for the sake of impressing great people who are after results, a solid workout. Not a workshop.

My my own training background (from 1988) goes back to the good old days where I would just turn up work on my chest and arms and decide what to do next? And had to work other parts like squats for legs because it was the smart thing to do and drink protein shakes that tasted awful.

Ah, the simple life. Turned up and did the work and got results.

I just wanted to get big, lean and look good. I was young , ok. In actual fact I was more interested in looking better than my mates for bragging rights as the ladies didn’t give me attention as a gymhead. After approximately 6 years of Bodybuilding type training I decided that I needed something else that wasn’t going to break me as all those heavy lifts over the years had done. I now started to walk around with pain and wanted see start feeling better from all the work id put in , not just sore.  I was now looking at changing up my training  to take me onto my future years healther and moving a little better.

Add a little bit of that “Cardio” stuff other people do on the television all the time in stupid outfits.

learning new skills

This is where I took up traditional karate, learned to move, and slowly over the years worked my way up the ranks,got some great skills and met some awesome people.

All by turning up, listening, training hard and making an effort to learn what was on offer. Others would also include shutting up.

Basically I was the fellow who was always there chipping away, (over the colder months) not fast, strong or gifted. Just happy to be there, in fact by doing so I got to be respected by my peers and as a consequence was given some extra attention by my new friends which went along like this “we are sparring on Saturday, be there!” Ouch.

In later years due to home location and work commitments I followed the same process when I joined an Amatuer Boxing club. Once again I turned up, got fitter, a lot leaner, and got to learn a little about the sweet science that is boxing. Are you following the pattern here?

As an unexpected bonus my coach who knew I was a personal trainer invited me to participate in an upcoming coaching course and thought it would be a good idea to participate and get formally accredited. Absolutley! As a result I’m registered with Boxing Australia as a Boxing coach.

Professional trainer

It was only when I began my professional career in Personal training and now running my own business that I realised that with a disciplined approach learned from traditional karate and boxing from all the years of training did for me. It actually taught me how to be a better person/trainer that now operating as Claudefit. how? By listening, caring and knowing how to help others. I thought my skills and sense of humor were enough.

Fast forward to now and how does it affects my approach on training you?By listening to your needs and ensuring that we prepare the body and mind to meet those goals.

Whether you are looking at losing weight, getting stronger, fitter or becoming more resilient for your chosen sport. I’m the trainer that gets the job done. no gimmicks.

I look forward in catching up with you soon.

Commit to your fitness program. Turn up and reap the benefits and reward of achieving your goals.

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