Tough Mudder report

A day out in the mud

Well Tough Mudder now has been conquered with all team members managing to make it through without any major mishaps and achieving a major goal that a few months ago was in their opinion something that “others did”. Now sitting comfortably ,dry, exhausted, a little sore and nursing some minor scratches, I’m finally taking the time out and reflecting on a challenging yet rewarding day out in the mud.

It started pre dawn with the team bus departing from Claudefit right on time for the hour and a half drive to Phillip Island. As you would expect the groups feeling initially was quite nerve racking for the newbie’s sharing the sharing in the anticipation with the seasoned participants on what was to come.

Sometimes having “been there done that” is not a good thing as you know what you are about to partake. With Tough Mudder it’s a fair chance that you’ll be thinking about the past obstacles that previously challenged you and the scary new ones that have yet to be experienced.

Start line

Once we got there and collected our event bibs. It wasn’t long before we were front and centre ready to roll out on the next wave. This is where the MC pumps you up during the countdown, the nerves are setting in and it finally time to focus. 5,4,3,2,1 Boom! were off.

The harders part during Tough Mudder is the Running component, lots of it! After all it is a running event along with the obstacles thrown in for good measure. They are frightening, quite challenging for some and a cakewalk for others (which are all optional) You don’t have to do them. It’s alright to give it a miss and allow those who can give it a try. After all we all have our strength and weaknesses as I clearly demonstrated by not even reaching an obstacle called the leap of faith and landed in water!

if you decide to opt out the waiting time is an opportunity to give the legs a rest from running, get your breath back and be ready to march on towards the next challenge once the team has all completed the obstacle.

Team work

The team covered the terrain at a reasonable pace which meant we didn’t leave anyone behind, It’s what we do. With the awesome and giving support from previous Tough Mudder participants my role as a team leader on the day was pretty straight forward.

  • Ensure that all participants stayed together
  • Keep an eye out for individuals who needed help
  • Encouraging my clients to take park and enjoy
  • Being aware of what was required within the group dynamics
  • Not placing then in any situation for potential injuries to occur.
  • Not eat the mud. The stuff gets everywhere.

Adrenalin and fatigue don’t mix ,we play it safe at Claudefit.

A job well done

Overall the team did an exceptional job in keeping an eye out for each other while individually tackling the obstacles and helping each other out when the need arose. I mean how do you scale a 12 foot wall alone without getting a boost? How do you manage to jump off a 5+ meter ledge into the water? (Think Momba birdman rally here for those who can remember) how would you get up on top of Everest after running 19klms? (giant ramp) without a helping hand waiting for you on top?

Well you have a team that supports you that’s how. The new members consisted of individual just like you. Take for example Kimberley and Justin who each have sought my services as a trainer one with one on one Personal Training and the other joining our ladies semi-private group. Both have their own goal and continually put in the time and effort to make the changes required. My wife who prefers to do Mini triathlons, Caroline that clearly turned up prepared, Jackie who can knock off a run at the drop of a hat, and Shai who in the past “only lifts heavy stuff for cardio” who decided to give Tough mudder a crack and on the day.

All did what was required to rough it out and give it a crack!

Once at the finish line it was all about the celebrations, photos, hugs, handshakes and thanking your new mates who witnessed your great achievement in getting the job done.

Well done to all the new Mudder’s support crew and repeat offenders.

Next stop, Pizza shop!

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