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When i started with Claude-fitness I wasn’t overweight and wasn’t after bulk, i just wanted to tone up for summer. Claude kept it real and made sessions interesting by using lots of variety. After 6 months training with him my core strength improved and I lost 4 stubborn kgs especially round the midsection which, for a guy, is where I really wanted the results to show. J,Phillips


“Whatever training requests you have, Claude can cater to. I wanted a fun approach to training. Boxing to me is a way to burn those calories and learn technique. For a female, a few self defense tips don’t go astray. Claude is very professional. He concentrates on technique and pays a lot of attention to detail. He has a fun and relaxed approach to training. He will tell you that you don’t need to spend countless hours in the gym or deprive yourself to get results and his training will prove that. He is not there to make money but see you progress with whatever your goals may be.”
Telstra Account Representative


Claude Castro has been directly involved in both my professional development as a PT and one on one personal training (Boxing) sessions. Claude’s experience has allowed me to pursue my own PT career and learn a new skill. I can recommend him as you trainer.Regards. James Russell.


I have trained with Claude for almost 4 years and he helped me achieve My goals of increasing my fitness levels, using a variety of equipment. He always made our sessions fun and is an extremely focused and motivating trainer who has helped me regain my shape and fitness after having 2 babies. I cannot recommend him highly enough.  Lisa


 Just wanted to say a great big thank you for setting me up to be fit for life. Your commitment to ensuring that I have learned how to exercise with good form means that I can continue my fitness regime in your absence actually understanding what I am doing.Over the more than 3 years that I have trained with you I have had a fantastic time, my body shape has changed substantially and I have developed both my strength and stamina.It will take a lot to find another trainer of your caliber.All the best for the future!

Mrs C.Hodges


Claude is an amazing instructor. He has been able to teach my son mixed martial arts better than any person I’ve known. He is great with the kids,  very caring and he makes It fun for them and they learn quicker and better. It was a sad lose to see Claude leave.

Mr F Lucci.


I have trained with Claude twice a week for two years, during that time I have always found Claude to be professional and innovative with his training program.  Training has never been boring and Claude always ensures it has been a great workout.   We trained with kettlebells, boxing, weights & a variety of equipment and I don’t think I would have had the dedication to continue training if I didn’t have such an enthusiastic trainer.  I wish Claude all the best and I know his future clients will benefit from his training knowledge.     

 Mrs A.Driscoll


Claude has been working with me for almost two years now. During that time Claude’s guidance and support has helped me achieve my weight loss and fitness goals, and more importantly he has helped me achieve a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. His attention to detail in planning my sessions, demonstrating proper technique and assessing my capabilities at the start of each session has always provided me with a challenge that I am able to achieve.

Not only has Claude been able to provide me with a challenging fitness program and extensive knowledge in areas related to this, but he has also provided an exceptional diverse program that I enjoy and find fun. In light of my experience I now have him work with my students in senior secondary school levels to complete part of their Duke of Edinburgh award. Claude id helping them to work towards their fitness goals and they are having a great time doing this.

Claire, Teacher


Be it a club member, class participant or his own PT clients. Claude is first and foremost professional.
We have had him in our club now for over 2 years and his ability to communicate and get people to where they want to be is what he is all about. He is both personable and quite motivating.
Ross – Club owner Recreation Essendon


I have been training with Claude for about 10 months now. I started at 105 kg and with Claude’s help and many kettlebell workouts I dropped down to 93 kg – I even bought myself 3 kettelbells of my own. Claude is hard work but the results show and it’s worth it every time you go on the scale. I am leaner stronger and happier.
Shai, Owner Fairway Dry Cleaners Essendon


“It has been an absolute pleasure working out with Claude – he made every session worthwhile, working me out as hard as I could, mixing it up week to week, whilst making it fun and enjoyable at the same time.  I highly recommend him, and will definitely miss my sessions.”All the best buddy, hope to see you around.

Cheers Chrissy


Hi, my name is Melissa, I’m 26 and I have been training with Claude for almost 12 months now. I came to Claude in 2008 overweight, unhappy and with low self esteem. Now, you can’t stop me. Claude has taken me to the highest of heights which is somewhere I never thought I would get to. I have learnt to box, use kettlebells and my fitness levels have gone through the roof and yet Claude still sees potential for improvement. I see Claude twice a week and look forward to our training session on each of those days. He is a funny yet serious character and supports you all the way to reaching your fitness goals. I wouldn’t train with anyone else. Claude has changed the way I view gym training and has made a dramatic impact on my life.


I would like to highly recommend Claude as a great trainer for children because he understands their limits and ability and knows how to harness their energy without overtraining them. He also has a great rapport with kids to make them feel comfortable .Regards Vince Bonfa Director Reine Jewels.

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