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This testimonial has been two years in the making.  When I came about to meet Claude I was in desperate need for help.  I had gone up and down with my weight my whole life, losing a little bit on my own then basically giving up.  I didn’t realise how much a personal trainer would be such a positive influence in my life, I didn’t realise how much I needed help to become healthy and ultimately happy. I had an unhealthy lifestyle for so many years in so many ways and training with Claude made me realise how much better life could be.  I had wasted too many years being unhealthy.  I am 34 and if only I could of met Claude when I was 24, my life would have been much different, but I am grateful that I met him before it was too late.  These past 12 months have been particularly life changing.  The support and encouragement I have received from Claude has been the difference between my weight loss success and another failed attempt and feeling down and unhappy about myself. With Claude’s help I have become leaner, stronger and more confident in all aspects of my life.  I believe in myself and know I can achieve whatever challenges are put before me. Having Claude as a personal trainer has inspired me to join the fitness industry and become a personal trainer myself. I want to help people the way he has helped me.  I have no doubt he has set me on the right path in life and I don’t hesitate to recommend him as a trainer in whatever goal you want to achieve with the services he provides. Thanks Claude!!!

Nikki Wallace

I am 50, have a job that entails long periods of sitting, am very time poor and hate exercise.  At the same time, I acknowledge that strength and fitness are important to overall wellbeing particularly at a maturing age. Claude’s knowledge and approach is perfect for people who find themselves in situations like mine.

I don’t think I am alone in why I dislike going to the gym and exercise. My reasons are:

  • I have to make an effort to get there
  • The exercises and equipment are ‘same old, same old’. It the most boring place I have ever being
  • I have pulled and torn muscles because the staff are inattentive
  • Despite what I said I wanted to work on, the program didn’t address those particular issues – I wasn’t heard. So what’s the point.

Claude’s approach is unique and his years of experience across a broad spectrum of martial arts, self-defence and fitness training becomes obvious. Claude is perfect, he

  • Comes to my house and brings all the equipment that’s needed for the session
  • Each training session is different and fun. Expect the unexpected.
  • Watches and corrects my technique. I have not had any injuries even though I have swung up to 2 x 10kg weights as part of the workout.
  • We focus on the giggly bits I have nominated, not on what is easy for him.

I have not lost a lot of weight (the food factor is the next thing to tackle), but I have lost volume in my arms, legs, backside and abdomen, and gained beautiful tone. It feels great to have the confidence to wear sleeveless dresses, have no muffin top when wearing jeans, and have your husband, kids and friends say you are looking great.


Claude also trains my son who until recently played grid iron, and my daughter who wants to get fit and strong..

J Matic – Essendon


Claude Castro has been providing me (and now my family) with self defence and boxing training. I have always found Claude’s teaching techniques and attitude towards teaching these skills as first class.  He demonstrates a level of patience and understanding that I believe is generally lacking in this field (from my previous experience) and he ensures that each technique/skill is understood and executed appropriately before considering other techniques.

In the case of my eldest son, he has been outstanding.

I first organised for Claude to teach my eldest son because we were made aware of bullying that was occurring at the local primary school.  My previous experience with Claude (I have been training with Claude for over 4 years) gave my comfort that my son would respond well to Claude’s teaching techniques. And clearly, I was right.

Slowly, but methodically, Claude introduced my son to various techniques (involving both self defence and boxing) and his confidence grew with each session.  Claude has shown incredible resolve to reach my son and this is something that my son sensed very early on in the process.  My son has now reached a point where his confidence has grown substantially and the bullying problems being experienced are no more.  In fact, it is difficult to recognise the boy who started with Claude and the one that my wife and I see now.

But it is Claude’s work with my middle son that I am most grateful for.

You see, our middle son is on the autistic spectrum and has difficulties with expressing himself and co-ordination.  I was initially very reluctant to include our middle boy into Claude’s training sessions for fear that he may not respond well to the riggers associated with training. Well, I need not be concerned.

Claude has devised a separate program for our middle son and focused very heavily on fun, whilst also including self defence and boxing techniques.  He has remained very patient with our middle son and also been prepared to make changes to programs where our middle son has not responded.  It has now reached the point where, slowly but surely, we are seeing some improvements in our son’s development and co-ordination.  We are extremely grateful for Claude’s assistance.

In short, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Claude.  I would also recommend Claude to anybody reading this, where they have children who are currently being bullied.  Claude does not approach these children with a view to teaching them how to fight, he teaches them ways they can defend themselves, whilst always making them aware that they CANNOT be the aggressor.  His techniques work, as particularly evidenced by my eldest son. Kind regards Andrew G (Accountant)


Claude was recommended to me through a friend who was seeing some amazing results. To be honest I was a little hesitant at the beginning as I thought to myself “He is just another trainer, and what could he possibly do for me that the gym cant”.  I have always been on and off with gyms as I am an impatient person and am always frustrated by going the gym for periods of time and not seeing results. I find it difficult to stay motivated if I’m not seeing or feeling results quickly. I was a member of a gym at the time when Claude was recommended to me and I thought I would give one session a go but didn’t have any expectations that I would actually go back.

I attended the first session with an open mind as I was told by my friend that he doesn’t conduct training using the standard equipment at gyms such as cross trainers, treadmills, rowers etc. I found that appealing to me as I hate using gym equipment but had no idea as to what we would possibly do without equipment and what I would actually get out of it. At the first session this is where it all changed for me!

I walked into the studio and immediately I felt comfortable and at home. I had never heard of a kettle bell nor had I heard of most of the techniques and equipment he uses in his sessions. My friend and I decided then that we would enter into Tough Mudder and asked Claude if he could train us for it (we had 6 months to get fit and strong enough). Claude went one step further and not only trained us and organised a team (Team Claudefit – consisted of some of his other clients as well) he actually did it with us on the day! Claude was dedicated and committed to getting us ready for the big event! I can proudly say with Claude’s training I was able to complete the event which is known for being one of the toughest competitions on the planet. I not only earned my orange headband that day with Claude and Team Claudefit but I made new friends and experienced a team work and camaraderie effort that I have never experienced before! Claude’s knowledge in a variety of fitness forms keeps training interesting and no session is ever the same. Every time I enter his studio I am always surprised by learning something new and I am so happy with the progress my body has made and the things my body is able to do now! I absolutely love training with Claude and never miss a session! Claude’s passion for what he does is infectious and inspiring! I cannot recommend Claude enough!!! No matter what your goal is, what fitness level you are at or what you want to learn or develop, I can guarantee Claude will be able to get you there! He is without a doubt the best trainer I have ever met! Thank you Claude for your professionalism, knowledge, variety, skills and techniques! I honestly feel privileged to be trained by you!- Jay Gjedsted 


Being an ex high level rugby union player Claude was able to identify a ‘go hard to kill’ mentality within my training. He really catered to this approach despite other trainers not being able to. I thank Claude for recognizing and delivering the approach needed to deliver me serious capability. Furthermore as a personal trainer myself I have been able to pass Kettlebell technique and principals onto my clients effectively. Again this is because of Claude passing his sound knowledge on to me during training. Put simply his a freak with a heavy KB in hand. Claude was also able to utilize his state level olympic lifting coaching to fine tune my cleans and help build the confidence to progress from its base, now I’m going for the Vic championships. Give him a go you wont regret it! Ross Buchan.PT


I started training with “Claude Castro” 1 year ago; I met him in a gym in Bundoora. I always want to become a boxer since when I was very young, but unfortunately I never had opportunity to make this happen and I never met a good coach who could teach me boxing. I have been visited a lot gyms and talked to a lot coaches whether they can teach me some boxing and they all refused until I met coach “Claude”. We started with some easy cardio, body conditioning and some light boxing exercises first, because I had abosultely no experience about sport activities and personal training. I lost 12KG (From 90KG down to 78KG now) after 11 month training with “Claude”, and I am now starting to train higher level of boxing which is technique training. “Claude” is skilled, thoughtful, sensible, and a pleasure to work with and talk to. He knows just how and when to encourage and when to push (I like this part the most), though never too much. He is always setting and changes the plan which only suit for you, always asks feedback from you and he loves to answer all your questions. Because of his efforts, I am stronger and more flexible ,keep working out is not just give you a good physical reward, it is also a good way to change your lifestyle which gives you more energy every time after you have been pushed.Wu Xiang (Sean)2013-02-06


Claude has been working with me now for 6 months. At the start I could barely manage an 8kg kettlebell in a half hour session. I am now confidently training 2 nights per week in a 1 hour session and swinging kettlebells with confidence and control. Claude always mixes up sessions with heaps of variety and new challenges. I can honestly say for a 55 year old woman I have never felt better. I manage to keep up with the young ones which makes me feel good. I highly recommend Claude as a personal trainer to anyone who wants to get fit and feel great. Thanks Claude Deb May


My husband and I started with Claudefit last April as very unfit, overweight, stiff and unhappy people. Claude nurtured us, taught us how to box, lift bar bells, swing kettle bells – which we never knew existed, skip like young people and generally enjoy exercise. Due to our age (mid to late 40’s) he set our training regime to what he knew we could deal with and then progressed us on from there.Over the 8 months – we became more coordinated, more flexible, physically stronger, healthier, lost weight, toned up and actually enjoyed training – which we never thought we would. Claude’s patience and belief in us allowed my husband and I to have a healthy lifestyle again.  Thank you Claude  Wendy & Lindsay. Feb 2013


I have been going to gyms for years and had more personal trainers than I can care to remember, in the recent years there has a been a rapid and major growth in the Personnel trainers industry. Unfortunately to most of them  it has become more of a money making business and they have lost the focus of what they purpose is meant to be.I recently joined a gym where one night whilst doing my own routine on the weights, the owner asked me to take a class with Claude as he had a spare hour, not to be rude I unwillingly agreed and that night Claude changed my whole attitude towards Personnel trainers, for Claude it’s not about the money, it’s about achieving success and setting goals with his students. Claude is extremely passionate and professional about his work, from the very first session he takes the time and asks many questions about what it is that you want to achieve and expect from your trainer and from there it is all fun, exciting and very rewarding.I look forward to the sessions every week and have achieved excellent results in a number of areas such as weight loss, toning up, self-defence and self-esteem. Thanks Claude. Regards Tony La Vella  Innovative Protective Solutions- PROGARD PLASTICS PTY LTD



I began to work with Claude about 3 months ago to regain my fitness base, being well over 40 and leading a  very busy life raising my family and working in a senior management position within a large multinational corporate.  Unfortunately, with so many demands on my time, my fitness was one of the things that I neglected to the point where I weighed the heaviest I had ever been, had very little cardiovascular capacity and managing long term back pains. Since the 3 months I have been working with Claude, I have managed to lose weight, have stopped smoking, improved my health and I now have a solid fitness base.  This has been achieved with an exercise program that has at times, been very unintrusive (it almost feels like I’m not working out), some simple logic and common sense around core strength, diet and nutrition, and plenty of fun (not uncommon for lots of laughing happening during our work outs). I think these are the reasons why I have found it so easy to make the time to commit to working with Claude every week and now that I have started to get some results for the work that we have put in, I am finding my motivation has increased significantly.I am fully committed to continuing the personal training and support that Claude provides and I would not hesitate to recommend Claude and his personal training strategies to others.Cheers

John Katsaros – General Manager Business Development and Co Packing – Amcor Beverage Division   


Dear Claude, Thank you for helping me realise my goals and continuing to do so. To others out there who are wanting to improve their fitness here is my story in a nutshell:

If you are like me, you have a busy lifestyle and it can seem quite difficult to keep fit. (or just make an excuse not to!) Having attended Gym’s on and off in the past, I decided to get serious and try something different for a change. In August 2011 I engaged the services of Claude from Claude fit for personal training and it was and still is the best fitness decision I have ever made. I continue to attend Claude’s sessions which give me the flexibility to arrange mutually suitable times and being local is a big plus. I have lost 18 kilo’s and my core strength and flexibility has never been better. I account this to Claudes guidance in utilising a combination of kettle bells, boxing & skipping just to name a few. I really enjoy the sessions as Claude not only knows his stuff, but he makes the sessions fun on a level you will never find in just attending a gym – just ask about the tractor tyre! J

What I would say about my journey so far: stay positive and push yourself. it’s not going to be easy, but nothing normally is. You have to want to achieve your fitness goal. It’s not just about training, but managing what you put in your mouth. Saying that – Keeping yourself accountable, setting goals and achieving them is a reality which Claude can help you realise and he does it very well. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone serious on getting fit. Two thumbs way up. Good luck and Never Give Up! Kind Regards,

Ristic Real Estate Pty Ltd

Kaan Ristic Director


Training with Claude has been an amazing experience; one that i would recommend to anyone who is seeking to get fit, strong and healthy. When I started my training with Claude I weighed over 100kgs and felt incredibly lethargic and heavy. After a couple of intense training sessions and some general advice from Claude about how to improve my diet, I started to lose the excess kilos and build some definition around my muscles. Within four months of training I had lost nearly 15kgs. I have been training with Claude for 12-months now and i feel fantastic about my body. And the best thing about it all, I have managed to keep the weight off!!
Mr D.Cullen


We have been training with Claude Castro for approximately 18 months in both Fighting Fit and Total Body Conditioning Classes.
Claude is a results driven trainer who delivers a well planned and challenging class at all times. His knowledge of both boxing and various martial arts styles, ensure that correct technique are applied and maximum results gained. Claude’s Kettle Bell classes provide extremely effective strength and conditioning training, which has been very complimentary to our own taekwondo style of training.
Above all else, Claude is a fun and challenging trainer who is always able to softly motivate you into achieving your best.
We highly recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone wanting to see results.

Team Carlo Taekwondo


“My 15 year old son participated in fitness training with Claude to improve his Karate sparring. He improved significantly in strength and speed and even enjoyed it! Claude has a great rapport with his clients and inspires them to achieve their best.”
Mrs C Browning


Hi, my name is Rick and i currently manage a Health Shop in South Morang called Natural Life. I have been involved with many personal trainers during my time in the Health and Fitness industry. The results I obtained by using Claude’s techniques and wealth of experience went above and beyond what I expected. Claude Castro has helped many individuals achieve their health and fitness goals, including myself. Whether you are training for weight loss, bodybuilding, martial arts, or general fitness Claude can help you achieve your goals through his comprehensive knowledge, experience, professionalism and varying training styles such as the use of Kettlebells. Thank you Claude!  13/02/2012


Just a thank you for all your hard work and effort throughout the past 9 weeks, your training has tested me thoroughly and its exactly what I was looking for, physically and mentally challenging but within my limits. You tailored a great programme to suit my fitness level and you have all the equipment to make the programme work. I really enjoyed the kettle bells, so much variation with such a small piece of equipment, the sledge hammer and the huge truck tyre, but most of all I really enjoyed our boxing sessions and your ability to mix it up so I got high intensity workout as well as improved boxing technique, “sorry about the cheap low blows” .I have met too many personal trainers who lack the knowledge, experience and patience, the reason I chose you, is you have all the qualities mentioned above and the right personality for the job.  keep up the good work and will catch up soon for another hit out! –

Tino Cuccinotta


Claude is an enthusiastic and motivating trainer. His charismatic attitude and professional approach makes exercising an enjoyable and rewarding experience. When I first started with Claude I was surprised at how quickly my fitness rose and within a short amount of time I was completing tasks I never would have imagined possible. Now I look forward to doing them without a second thought.
Miss A Howard


Training with Claude showed me an alternative way of approaching fitness training, rather than it being the old boring cardio machines and weight sessions. Coming from a martial arts background, Claude introduced me to a boxing/mix martial arts style of training, not only to improve my cardio fitness but to keep the fighting skills sharp and to learn a new combat style. He also initiated my newly found respect for a 200 year old style tool for strength and conditioning. “THE KETTLEBELL”. These alternative styles of training have kept me not only sane from everyday life but I now look forward to train. Claude’s passion is not only to teach but he strives to learn new things to teach. Adding this to his professionalism and enthusiasm for these methods of training, it helps you to keep motivated, focused and to stay safe while training, pushing you to work outside of your comfort zone.
Mr D.Truong


I first thought of look in to Claude’s training when I had a weak and an aching back. His unique technique of using kettle bells and using whole body movements for overall strength caught my eye the most. At this stage I personally had lot of experience in bodybuilding, been training for over 5 years. But I had very limited knowledge of what Claude knew. Also I needed some professional help in str…engthening my lower back. I been training with Claude for some time now and I’m very happy to admit I made a good decision. I have noticed a significant difference in my lower back which is much stronger and also in my overall strength, fitness and balance. Furthermore he is more than just an average personal trainer. Because he is willing to go the extra mile with a great attitude and enthusiasm towards what he does. I would recommend Claude to anyone from beginner to advance as anyone would highly benefit from his expert skill and knowledge.
Happy Customer


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