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Hiring a personal trainer

Hiring a personal trainer should not be too hard a task. Once you know what you are looking for. To ensure you find the right one I have offered a few items to consider.

It is getting to the time of year again when people are starting to think about the oncoming spring months. Now more than ever focusing on their current fitness, health and wellbeing.  It is the perfect time to start your fitness regime and consider hiring a personal trainer. Given that you have plenty of time to prepare yourself for the warmer months ahead. Hiring the services of good one can make a positive difference.

Having been with this industry as Claudefit personal training coming to 14 years. In addition, have been proactive with my own personal fitness and strength since 1988. The industry since has dramatically changed in many positive ways with now an abundance of choices. Getting you fitter, stronger and leaner are well within your reach, it is just a matter of knowing where to start.

If you are like me and past your late 40s. You are looking for someone who at the very least has a sound working knowledge in training people. You will also be expecting to be paying a professional who delivers results. A high level of service for your time, money and effort as you will be investing valuable time with this training resource.

So how do you find the correct personal trainer for you?

Here a few tips on finding the correct one. Given the nature of the industry its best having some knowledge. Hiring a personal trainer is knowing exactly what you are getting in return for your time, money and safety. Here are the items that need to be on your checklist in order to make an informed and practical decision.

It is all about you so be diligent in your choice.

Hiring a Personal trainer can help people reach their health and fitness goals. However also could be a big wastes of money.

Experience & Professionalism

Given the variety of choice with our Industry an experience trainer who has experience is certainly a worthy consideration.  Personal Trainers who have been around the industry over 5 years should expected to be busy. With enough clients to keep themselves employed. And continue to develop their skills. These are the ones who have a sound professional approach and managed to make a business out of personal training.

Skill Set  

Personal trainers need to have a solid understanding on the skill sets offered. If they promote strength training and Fitness conditioning. Or with kickboxing and boxing do they have a background in either of these disciplines? Or obtained from a weekend workshop.

At Claudefit you are dealing with an experience Strength trainer. A martial artist and registered Boxing coach. It is important to understand which skill you are paying for.  It is not only being thorough but for your own safety as these high impact sports. When used for fitness. Can injure the client with an overzealous trainer who with all good intentions pushed too hard.


In short, it goes without saying that your trainer should exhibit some sort of maturity. The ability to verbalise teaching cues without resorting to inappropriate language under the impression of getting you motivated. Yelling down at adults is not my idea of training you. One of my dislike’s trainers make is questionable remarks on your current shape. Others severely judge your apparent lack of effort.

It is not our business to make such remarks. Ours role is to train you, educate and deliver results in a professional and supportive environment.  It is always good to know your trainer also has responsibilities. Maybe have kids, a mortgage and can understand life outside the gym. Apathy is not the domain of younger trainers who often mistakenly judge you are unmotivated and lazy.

Level of service

Having a strong background in client deliverables. It is a skill that has allowed me to be in this business a long time. Basically, do as you say and follow up all your promises. If your trainer says they will call you, and then expect a call. Having to deal with someone who is consistently late for sessions. Forgets important details. Should not not rewarded for lack of service.

I previously had my own trainer who while coaching me spend most of our time on Facebook. And confirming the next day’s bookings. I simply cancelled the session on the spot. I will never deal with them again irrespective of how good they are.


Safety and cleanliness of premise should be primary goal. Is the equipment up to the standard. Is it in a commercial environment? Because you are not paying to use someone’s home gym set. So, expect to be working on equipment that is designed for this purpose. Again, this is an issue of safety as you need to know the equipment can withstand the constant abuse it takes every day. A simple “cheapo” home gym simply will not cut it. Similarly, A dirty gym reflects badly on the trainer.

When hiring a personal trainer. Their approach & personality is important.

This is an important component in getting the Hiring the right personal trainer. Because you need to be aware how your potential trainer will approach the way they train you. Will they go all out and treat it as a boot camp, will they conducted as a slow and drawn out workshop (boring) or simply deliver the workout as you requested with a sound understanding of training protocols. Far too many times in my experience I have seen newbies somewhat destroyed by their trainer because they thought this is the way to achieve results.

My methods are simple. Claudefit gets you to move better. Establish a solid base of all over strength. And ensure that you fitness levels improve. Consequently, complimenting other elements. Once this base of conditioning is achieved it tends to work out that clients are the ones pushing themselves. Knowing how hard to work during our session and getting the results they are after.

You need to crawl before you walk.

Claudefit Personal training – Is an owner operator committed to delivering training results based on your requirements.

Get Fitter through Boxing

Get fitter through Boxing

It’s been well documented that a solid boxing workout works the entire body from a strength and fitness point of view. It’s the energetic nature of applying this particular sport within the fitness environment that allows Claudefit to deliver great results with my client’s fitness and conditioning. It’s also a lot of fun once you have the cardio base to push yourself harder.

I’ll get right to the point and go over a simple yet effective template that I use with my personal training clients. The criteria are simple, get fit and have fun while you are challenged and level totally worked.  For general fitness it’s easier to adjust as you go along and wont interfere with fitness objective.

Get fit, burn the calories and have fun. Ok then, let’s get you Boxing!

The warm up

  • 3×2 min light bag work at around 70% exertion will allow most people with the ability to last out the timed rounds. No point in attacking the bag for 30 seconds flat chat and floating around wondering where the energy went. Remember the plan is to last out the session, not deteriorate within the warm up.
  • 3×2 min Skipping will add value to any cardiovascular workout. A solid set of 3 rounds will go a long way in working out your shoulders, ankles, warm your core and hit the heart rate a treat.
  • 3×2 min Shuttle runs and punch-out drills will introduce the running component. Yeah, you have to run. For those who neglect the running part you are greatly diminishing the returns on any true fitness workout. For the rest of you embrace the movement and reap the rewards. Remember, athletes run.

The core work

My favourite go to core and abdominal drills for the boxing clients is to work the following exercises together as part of your  non-boxing component and rest before you continue the theme and glove up again later and be expected to work harder.

  • Medicine ball – These drills can be simply the old school throw and catch where you are performing a sit up while having you partner/trainer throw the ball. Simple and sinister when performed at high volumes. Old school is still the best here.
  • Gymnastic ring drills- I use this one in particular for my female client as it not only his core in a dynamic way but had the benefits of effectively working the hips region. A clear favourite with my female clients as it hit the hips and core nicely.
  • Hang knee raise – A classic movement that work the same muscles as a traditional crunch, however this movement delivers more bang for your buck in that it works your grip strength, stretches out you shoulder region and with the lower body isometric hold adds up nicely in delivering a solid core workout. Give 15+ a go and hit them hard.

Time to push Intensity

3×3 80%+ Bag work drill – Moving onto the next phase where you will hit the heavy bag again. This time you will be sufficiently warmed up, have you timing, co-ordination and be ready to bang! The 3 rounds at now 80%+ exertion will certainly take its toll. It’s time to get down to business and let go with all the energy you have, work the bag well and move constantly. Once you complete the rounds and depending on you skill-set/fitness you will be totally charged up.

Focus pad rounds – Keep in mind that with proper focus pad work you are feed the information and it will be up to you and your work output to proactively strike the target while moving around. Time to put in champ! With an experienced pad holder you get to move around so be prepared to go harder. You won’t beat the pads though, its part of the drill. This is where you decide how much work you want to put in. Time to leave it all on the line.

Skipping/shadow work– Once the heaviest workload has been completed it’s now a matter of preparing to complete the session with an eye of lowering the heart rate and allowing your body and mind to start winding down. For the fitter ones feel free to work the skipping a little more vigorously, for the not so fit it just a matter of finishing the rounds.

Close the workout

Stretch & cool down this is the best part of the session (if you have done the work) time now to focus on slow and gentle movements and hit the areas that need the work. The body is pretty much all warmed up and any stretching should be done correctly. Not a good time to go the full reach and hurt yourself.

Rest and nutrition

You have worked hard and have managed to smash out another session. Well done. Now it’s time to property fuel yourself and take in plenty of water. This is where your nutritional program is important.  Why waste your time in eating junk after you have worked so hard.

Getting your rest post exercise is part of the workout. Here’s a tip. You will go a long way with your fitness and weight management goal if you are diligent with both your nutrition and getting in proper rest/sleep.

Claudefit is an experienced personal trainer located in Mill Park in the outer Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

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