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Winter time is building time

Time to ramp up your training

Winter is finally here so expect the darkness, chilling wind, the footie and the rain to keep us company for the next few months. I reckon now it’s probably great time to change your training around, keep motivated and achieve those results that you’re after. That’s right! Rug up it time to put in the long yards and get some serious base training in!

In my opinion this is the best time to work out so don’t let a little coolness hold you back. Take advantage unlike the others who drop off and get working. The alternative is to stay indoors, grab some chips, chocolate and catch up on all those programs you have been missing out on, but I know that this is not you.

Here’s my cheeky yet honest opinion on what you can do to keep you focused and motivated over the winter months.

Build your strength base

For the experienced strength trainer it’s time to load up that squat rack and start placing more weight plates on your deadlift my friend. Yep for the weight lifting crowd it means cover up and starts working on those honest compound lifts. Winter is great for now getting into some pure and serious strength training in while following a simple yet challenging 5×5 or 5×3 program in building up your limiting strength or pack on some more muscle. No more of the 2 hour, high rep 6 exercise routine. Bring it back to the basics and lifts. Just make sure your lifting goals are clear and you are injury free. Now is the time to put in and go hard.

For the more recreational trainer it’s a great time to get in some consistent training in and work on getting in a full body program over the training week. Include some cardio and don’t neglect your stretches. After 6-8 month of solid training expect to be heavier and slightly more muscular. Enjoy, Hang in there and don’t be a fair weather trainer.

As for my female readers it shouldn’t be too different for you with this approach. It’s just a matter of keeping the food in control and eat enough to fuel your workout. It’s about being lean, fit and healthy. No skinny at any cost. You won’t put on size if you lift weight.

Your fitness engine

The cooler months are much kinder to anything cardio related. I’d rather be properly attired with my running clothing than run out in the summer’s heat. The body takes a greater toll when one is exerting themselves in the hotter months so I would only recommend you minimize the hard running and focus on events during this time. (As you have already put in the hard runs) As for winter it’s great to be able to push the body without blowing up and with a smart program you can recover quicker and constantly push the pace in building your cardio engine. Running/cycling in winter is also easier when monitoring the body’s own temperature as you can layer up and remove items as you move along. Get out and embrace the cool. Do some research and invest in some proper winter clothing. You won’t look back! Tip: Find a training buddy and hit the cardio machines or get out and about. You can both keep each other accountable.

Work on weaknesses

Hips lacking power? Need to build up the shoulders or need core strength? Yep you guessed it. It’s time to focus on those imbalances and areas of opportunity now. You have 4-6 month of cool weather to work on weaknesses and before you know it you are a better version of the one that decided to focus in on those particular areas. Time to give those stubborn body parts attention, target your lack of any cardio, finally get some flexibility in or simply improving any lacking technique. It a great opportunity to work on those key parts of you goals and get it sorted out.  Imagine getting to spring feeling ready to go and knowing you have put in the work and improved previous areas of concern.

Work on food quality

What a perfect time to start working on your food. Don’t give me the” I’m not motivated and hand me my comfort food here” or “I’m too tired” rubbish. You simply cannot neglect such an important part of you strength, fitness and health goals. It’s all about the food. You cannot bust out a solid workout and expect results by feeding yourself junk. In this day and age there is an abundance of information out there that can help you out and provide you with the basic understanding of how to go about eating healthy and clean. Get the basics right from the start and then maybe when you are eating well and you are getting in the quality nutrients, then maybe you could invest and think about reaching for the Protein powder, Creatine, or any other supplement you think you may need. Most of the time if you already have a sound established nutritious eating habit you don’t need it. Honestly your nutrition usually requires a little tweaking so be honest and clean it up. Think quality first.

For the weight loss crowd

For those who simply want to lose the weight now is the time to put in the work and get educated about how to shift the kilos. No secret here, it’s a matter of incorporating a nutrient quality approach and take it from there. The fad diet, totally omitting a food group or I’m doing my own thing doesn’t work nor does the “its comfort food season” mindset and “you gotta live” excuses. This approach will only set you back further. If you don’t bother now don’t question why you are still overweight in spring. I see it all the time with people. It’s always about food and sedentary lifestyle choices. You have 4-6 month now before the fair weather arrives so you have a choice now. Do something about it or wait until spring to once again procrastinate whether you are going to diet again.

It’s about education and being consistent with your overall habits. Not the short term quick results approach. It’s not easy, but it ever so worth it.

A positive mindset

This is everything when it comes to reaching your goals. Most often with people they are highly motivated at the moment, however this changes when the reality of turning up mid-June in the dark and have to put in the work. Better to stay at home warm in front of the telly…..yeah? A positive mindset will not only motivate you to work out but will go a long way in helping you to fix up other lacking areas (your Health) and soon enough with a consistent few months, you’ll be eating better, getting stronger, be fitter and you will most likely start reaching your goals on the scale. An ordinary attitude doesn’t not help you nor does it endear you to fellow class participants so please understand that your mindset is important.

most importantly , stay positive, commit and take advantage of the cooler months.

Rug up enjoy!

Claudefit is a Mill Park Based Personal Trainer with 10 year experience directly in the fitness industry in addition to his own.

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