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We survived another Spartan race

Spartan Super recap

Congratulation to both my running buddies Kaan and Shai in once again managing to conquer what those crazy folk at Spartan threw at us during the recent 14klm super held way out in Mymiong. A brilliant location for this type of (obstacle )course event held on the grounds of Lake Dewar lodge run by the YMCA.  This third time around we were more prepared before as you would expect if you had put in the training, which we did.

I’m lucky enough to back onto the local plenty valley reserve that has enough kilometres of single tracks and dirt roads that prepared us well for the off road running based Spartan super so for the last couple of months we have all incorporated a big chunk of our running kilometres towards trial running. Fortunately for us all the base training clearly showed on the day as Spartan races are not held on the roads.

They are held over singe tracks, paddocks, muddy sections, hills and occasionally involves a bit of swimming across dams and short lake crossing.

Tip: Get some serious trail klm’s under your belt. and learn to swim.

In addition to the road /Trail running program the general physical preparation with the resistance training added the extra touch to negotiate ourselves through the lifting/holding/carrying challenges we faced. Keep in mind that you are actually racing towards these obstacles you can’t really slow down to rest too much.  After all it is a race.

The folk at Spartan don’t release the course, it’s part of the appeal. If you are not happy with this I suggest you stick to entering 5klm fun run 8 month from now where you get a course map and take as many selfies as you want.

After having discussions with my team post-race it was clear that a few of the obstacles were a little more challenging for us as the others that we simply ran through. The list below is the ones we had to pay extra attention too as they were clear road blocks in running a quicker time around the course.

  • Sandbag carry – This one was as is described. You had to pick up a sandbag (20-25kgs I believe) then march downhill for about 500 metres , under a fence and then back up again. Clearly there was no racing or sprinting going on here. The legs were pounded while the core got its fair share of loading. Pity the person who chooses to carry it without the proper balance. Your physio will be pleased.
  • Various walls – In previous events I had simply taken a run up and managed to get my hand over to the top of the wall, got the leg over and got across. This time around I wasn’t as lucky as we had just run an uphill section of the track and then copped this at the worst part. Thanks Spartan. At my age the legs didn’t have the spring or the sprint in them so made a new friend quickly who helped out.
  • Dead ball carry – This one’s a killer!!! It requires you to pick up a 55kg dead ball that is somewhat difficult to handle, run with it around a maker and then place it back where you found it. Sounds simple? Ask your body how it feels when you start to run again straight after the effort taken and get back to me. Look up Iron edge equipment suppliers if this is something of interest.
  • Monkey bars – Ahhhhh the monkey bars, a nasty little obstacle that too many of us who don’t possess the ability to do either a chin up or simply hold onto your bodyweight find a challenge. A fundamental requirement of Spartan is the ability to manoeuvre your body around the obstacles requiring your bodyweight training approach is sound. We use bars often and I personally take my kids down to the park for extra “secret training” You dealt with them in the school ground so now you have to deal with then in the Spartan race as an adult.
  • Rope climb/Traverse – I left the best until last and included the two. Look at it this way, two for the price of one. If you are thinking about doing any spartan races you need to be able to both climb up a rope ring the bell at the top and then on the next rope obstacle and be able to traverse along what seems a lengthy distance in order to collect you well-earned medal. I’m proud to say that by the time I got to this last obstacle I managed to hang on and make it until the end. The price to pay was a set of burning shoulder and arms along with a slightly scratched pair of calves. Quite happy to pay the price again as I didn’t drop off like some other poor younger folk did!

Spartan Kids – A special mention should go to the kids who also participated in this even. There were two aged group waves that looked after the little ones, my 6 & 9 years old’s both participated and undoubtedly enjoyed themselves.  A must if you want your kids to get involved. Bring a change of clothes for them.

All in all we had plenty of fun this time around and will definitely take on the next challenge that I believe is the Spartan Beast. A mere 20klms+.

For now we are still training for the next running trail event. This time were going to tackle the Salomon run series held around four local and regional locations involving a variety of running distances.  No obstacles this time around, just a lot of natural hills, creeks and plenty of single tracks.


Claudefit is a private gym conveniently located near plenty gorge Mill Park.

Gym and Fitness

Fitness with Claude

Great to be asked to contribute as a fitness “expert” for one of the larger commercial gym equipment sellers and information providers in  Gym and Fitness .

The following blog post is basically in response to a few questions they asked me to provide.

Hope this continues for the benefit of both Claudefit and Gym and Fitness.

It’s important to get out there and be seen as a voice of knowledge in getting people Healthier , Fitter , Stronger and Feeling better about themselves.


For now its a matter of keeping the head down and getting the work done.

Claudefit Personal training is located in Mill Park and offer a private facility for your health and fitness goals.


Over 40s fitness and health

Over 40 fitness and health

If you have been searching for a personal trainer who will look after you, well done you have found me. Oh by the way I’m aged 46 and have been actively training myself for over 25 years and have been part of the fitness industry as a trainer for 8. So read on and ill educate you on what I value should you choose to hire me as your trainer.

Fitness and Health .Well this is where it should all start for every one and since were are both now grownups I’ll touch on this one first. As an active trainer my priorities have certainly changed from my younger days. Unfortunately I’m no longer bullet proof (if I ever was) and need that little bit longer to recover from both exercise and whatever the day brings. for me now its about staying fit, have some strength and above all, maintain my health moving forward.

Movement. My priority now is getting you to move better in allowing all the other elements such as resistance training , walking/running  and core work in complimenting your Fitness and health. But first you have to be pain free. In order to feel and move better we all need to do the work that will help us achieve the results we are after. It should be the reason why you are working with a personal trainer. They should be able to get you there in a safe and professional manner and given my previous experience and skill set I guess I’m ready to look after you. For example my current go to exercises can both add strength and allow you to move better. My initial choices here are the humble Kettlebell and Bodyweight exercises (systems)  I successfully use as they promote  proper technique before any barbell work. Firstly its about  moving better, pain free.

Appropriate approach – As we age the life knocks we have taken over time have all added up and for some it’s a bit of a struggle to get the body performing as it used to. Whether it is due to an old sports injury or simply you let yourself go,with smart programming you should not be limited too much if  making the choice to get in shape and for some continue to look after yourself. Remember you are never too old to get your fitness, health and vitality going again!

Recovery – It’s all about recovery once we hit 40! no big surprises here. This is where we need to be fair dinkum and not over indulge like we used too. yeah I know, the body does slow down and recovery seems to be somewhat lacking. This is where you need to take a look at your current situation and make the necessary adjustment/s in order to not disadvantage yourself and continue to have an active lifestyle. For some it could be as simple as taking up a fitness and health program and for others it a matter of limiting their alcohol consumption. It depends on you. It always has.

Nutritional requirements – For some of us we are no longer able to process the foods we once used to indulge in. This does not mean we have to totally give up on the yummy foods. It’s just a matter of limiting your choices on these types of food stuff and allow yourself to take in an all over healthy eating program with greater variety and quality foods. Once we make these small changes you are still able to provide your body with the proper nutrients and energy to get on with your day, both healthy and keep yourself lean.

Feeling better – Well this is why you are looking me up right? With a comprehensive program this is the bottom line. Feel better by becoming stronger, fitter and become more active. Or should I say regain that activity you once had. The bottom line with any program in my opinion is to actually feel better, not broken.

As most things in life a balanced approach is all you need.  Focusing on your fitness, strength and nutrition along with a more active lifestyle are enough to get you there. It’s all about being consistent in everyday life and not chucking in the towel because you are too old.

Take action now and get your movement and energy back with an experienced and professional trainer.

Claudefit personal training will look after you in the way you should be.



Fitness and Weight loss

Fitness and weight Loss

It’s been proven over and over that when you are looking at losing weight for the long term its best to take a combined fitness and weight loss approach. By working out you are strengthening your body, preventing structural imbalances and building lean muscle which all promote you to also take a proactive approach towards your nutritional intake. Once you have a base fitness level and compliment it with a practical eating program you are well on the way in achieving results. When these two elements are adhered too results are sure to follow.

Much more practical and healthier than simply going the starving yourself mode in looking for the quick fix.

As a Personal Trainer people often see me in relation to their overall health and fitness goals and for some come to me with the view that they “only want to lose weight “ and are not interested in getting stronger or even consider getting fit. These two elements can be exclusive but if you want to lose weigh the reality is to simply not eat! Obviously you can purchase the magic supplements, take them as prescribed and in a few months you are magically skinny right? sure but in addition you will have no energy, look sick and not be able to carry over to daily activities and feel good about yourself.

People who starve themselves don’t end up feeling any better either.

Fitness and weight loss at Claudefit

Over the years that I’ve been a trainer my focus on the exercise component of weight loss has been on working the areas from several elements I have a skill set on. Whether its Boxing, Kettlebells , Bodyweight or Barbell work the return is the same, an all over body workout. The isolating of muscles does not do too much with regards to burning calories. It does not work for fat loss. Primarily I will work on an all over program in delivering a greater return on movement. The larger muscle areas will be worked firstly in generating the best calorie burn.

A snippet of a typical workout is as follows. It’s set up for 1) an all over workout and 2) a high calorie burn.

  • Kettlebell swings 1 minute ( rest) x 5
  • Kettlebell clean and press 30 seconds ( rest x5 )
  • Skipping 3 x 1 minute rounds
  • Boxing  – 3 x 2 min rounds on pads
  • Boxing heavy bag 3×2 min rounds

Keep in mind that this is only about getting your calories burned and without a doubt you need to be fit in order to generate the higher burn.

The benefit of getting your fitness up is that you will actually feel better and move better, and will be in a more positive mindset and by complimenting it with a good food plan will reap the benefits of an all-round program that in the long term will benefit your overall fitness and health.

By becoming fitter you will burn more calories at rest, use more calories when exercising (due to greater output) and generally not get tired.

Go ahead, get fit first and burn up those calories.

Claudefit personal training is local to Mill Park and surrounding areas, with over 25 years of practical knowledge in fitness you are going to be looked after from an experienced (8 years) and professional fitness trainer 

Whittlesea Municipality Personal trainer

Whittlesea municipality Personal trainer

Congratulation, if you were looking at finding a personal trainer, you have found me. I’m local to your area in Mill Park and will make it worth you time should you wish to take it one step further and get started on your personal fitness, strength and health goal. I look forward in hearing about them.  Let me first outline what I actually do. It will allow you to be informed and then take appropriate action.

Claudefit services Include;

  • One-on-one personal training options depending on your needs.
  • Semi-private personal training / small group. This is particularly popular with my female clients. A friendly environment where you are part of a small team or with your partner, its up to you.
  • Workshops – if you are a sporting club and require specialised Strength and condition information I’m available to provide services within different training protocols.

As every person is different, I will work with you individually on what you want to achieve. I will help you set realistic goals, a balanced approach to nutrition, your own individual exercise program if required and work with you to achieve results utilizing proven methods with a professional approach. No gimmicks here.

My focus in delivering results covers; 

Weight loss/management – We will discuss you nutritional requirement and make the necessary adjustment in delivering you results. It’s just a matter of setting up realistic and achievable goals and working on strategies in keeping you accountable.

Strength & conditioning – Should you be looking at taking you current training to another level and require the strength for you sport I can certainly help you out. I have over 25 years of practical experience and registered as a strength and conditioning coach with ASCA as a level 2.

General physical preparation – This is the basis for all endeavours, with GPP you are able to get body to perform as required, GPP is the preparation of the body as a whole. It’s what most programs should incorporate in order to get results. You need a strong and fit body to get the results you want. And one that is resilient to potential injuries.

Increasing you fitness base – Well the name says it all Claudefit will get you fit. My base of running along with my understanding of the body will certainly elevate you base of fitness. It all depends at what level you need. Do you want to run a 10klm running event, a trail run, or complete a Tough Mudder obstacle course? Let me know.

Improving your sports performance – Should you require a more resilient body in taking the knock you get from sports such as  Gridiron, AFL, rugby , or simply running based sports, I can help you out in developing a stronger and more resilient body that can handle the impact.

Claudefit Personal training guarantees

A professional level of customer service

A highly experienced trainer

A private environment


For further information check out my website www.claudefit.com.au  or call 0412 589 570 and make a booking now.


Hiring a Personal Trainer, the benefits

Hiring a Personal Trainer

If are one of many fitness enthusiast who have been plotting away with the same routine for the last couple of months, not getting the results you are after or seem lost as to what to do and are now looking towards possibly hiring a personal trainer, the benefits are many. I’ll cover a few of when looking at hiring a fitness professional outlining several points you should also be aware off.

As a starter a personal trainer should have relevant qualifications and be registered with a recognised industry association such as Fitness Australia. A personal trainer’s job is to work with your health professionals ( if required) , discuss your goals on a regular basis, assess your fitness level with relative benchmarks , design a program for you that goes a long way in keeping  you motivated.

The bottom line here to get you results.

The benefits of hiring a properly suited Personal trainer are;

  • Reaching you goals. This is the main reason you should hire fitness professional. The right one will have the experience and be professional in their dealing while getting you closer towards your health and fitness goals.
  • Provide a safe environment. At my facility it’s always safety first .Given the industry we are in we are basically using the body in getting the work done. And for this reason your welfare is a priority. No use in hiring a personal trainer that will work you to the point of potential injury under the mistaken belief that this is whats supposed to happen. its like  paying someone to just hurt you or cause you a long tern injury. We play it safe at Claudefit and ensure you get results. Not broken.
  • Ensure that you stay motivated. Client motivation is always a very individual thing. I don’t mean having the best music or yelling that you. I meant by getting results. If funny how when a client starts to see results it promotes the feeling of achievement and automatically ensures self motivation. Results feed motivation. not the unnecessary distractions.
  • Constantly work on improving your technique. For an experienced trainer who is constantly focused on your movement this should be a given. no point in paying someone standing next to you on while having a conversation with another . It’s your time and keeping an eye on you in the correct application of technique should be a priority.
  • Ensure progress is made. This is the reason you hired one in the first place. Right? Well this should be a part of their Key performance indicators. If you don’t feel you are getting results. One or both of you is not doing what you are supposed to. and need to be addressed.
  • Make the necessary adjustments as you reach you goals. The constant attention to your needs allow a god trainer to as part of their role make the necessary adjustments as you get more mobile, flexible, fitter , stronger and can handle a greater workload. There is plenty to work on when dealing with an experienced trainer. You should always be trained in a way that brings out your best. The great trainers thrive in getting client to this stage.
  • Provide supporting and accurate advice on items such as Nutrition and associated behaviours. As fitness professional we are not Nutritionist/Dietician and at best should not provide specific advise on delicate matters relating to your nutrition.  At best we can advise on the best strategies relating to weight management ( weight loss) and general health and well being. Obviously this is not an issue if your PT  has the formal education to back this up.
  • Teach you to be able to exercise by yourself. The experienced trainer who knows this can benefit in overall client deliverables. I myself take on a teaching approach and provide the skills and programs for my own client to be able to work out by themselves. (I cannot run with everyone, you see) Clients hire me to be able to provide them with something they are not able to do themselves that includes a higher levels of service . The Pt sessions and own clients workouts all add up to client results.

Take your time before you making a choice. That’s why at Claudefit Personal Training I provide a no obligation trial before we agree on working together. Ensure that your personal trainer is appropriately registered and qualified before entering into any agreement. Something that is very important is establishing wether your personality and communication style suits the potential trainer. This should be high on your list of priorities.

Make sure that you have taken adequate time in finding the one that suits you. You may be spending a lot of time with this person. No point in paying with time, effort and your hard earned dollars on someone you don’t fully feel comfortable with. My private facility is not for all and only suited to individuals who want to train without other distractions, guaranteed.

It’s about getting the balance right with you trainer. If done right from the beginning it ensures you will get the results that you are after without any compromises.

Claudefit Personal Training has been operating for 8 years full time with over 25 years of own practical experience. check out my website for further information.

Finding the right personal trainer

Finding the right personal trainer

Over the time that I have been associated with the fitness industry firstly working the gym floor, taking group fitness classes, working with many commercial gyms, becoming a personal trainer to now running my own business I’ve always been fascinated about the questions asked about personal training. It’s always been a bit of an interest. Often I would be asked if I was a good personal trainer or who is the best one in here?  In my mind I would think, Like I’m going to answer no or yeah the other guy is better than me. I just smiled back and continued with conversation the best I could. When I first started personal training this was a somewhat arrogant view that I took.

Now with a few more years under my belt it now seems like a reasonable question. You see people who ask the question don’t know a thing about personal training and simply want to know. Keep in mind that potentially you are going to become a valued client and obviously pay for this personal service. So it’s fair to say people see Personal trainers as fitness professionals who are going to deliver to them their goal.

Some places to start looking for a personal trainer include local gyms, fitness centres and studios. In my case I run my own business at Claudefit personal training.  When you’re at the gym, watch other potential trainers with their clients and see how they look working together. It doesn’t take long before an observation and decision is made. Make a note of trainers who get along with their clients, smile and seem fully involved in their client’s workouts. It’s what you are going to get. I myself have a testimonials section on my website for potential clients to read. Better to let other talk you up I say.

I’ve decided to make it easier for all and put down 5 pointers that can help you find the one that suits you. In no particular order here goes.

It’s about the best one suitable for you. That’s right. Sometimes the Pt that most regard as the best one “because they will smash you” might not be the answer for your particular needs. It’s all about finding the trainer who you can communicate with and can both demonstrate the movement and articulate what they require you to do. You need to feel comfortable with you potential trainer as you will most likely be spending a bit of time with them. The personal trainer should be someone you like.  Ask yourself if you think you could get along with the trainer and whether you think the trainer is genuinely interested in helping you.

A good listener   A good trainer will listen closely to what you say and respond accordingly.  Make sure they understand your goals and if these change ensure that you’re both still on the same page. Make sure you feel comfortable asking questions from the very beginning. We trainers naturally have eternal personalities and this sometimes prevents a clear two sided form of communication due to being focused on working you out. Don’t be shy and speak up. A good trainer listens to clients needs. This allows them to always be aware of what you are thinking and make changes as/if required.  This can easily be established when you initially meet one for potential work. Trust you instinct on this one.

Attention  This is a given , if you are paying someone for their time in training you it should be clear that they will be totally  focused only on you during your sessions. A good trainer will correct technique on the spot and make ongoing adjustments if you are not getting it right. I spend a lot of time holding the focus pads for clients during our Boxing session and don’t recommend losing focus here. Basically would you pay for someone who just stands next to you on a machine while they are checking their phone? You are investing in your health that you obviously place a high importance on in hiring a trainer. So getting the attention you deserve should be expected.

Is their skill set suitable to you? Over the years I’ve fortunate enough to accumulate both practical experiences, elevated my formal studies and attended over a dozen workshops in refining my professional development. I have become well versed on many elements such as Boxing, Kettlebells, and Weightlifting to bodyweight training. In addition I have taken formal studies in Nutrition and have accumulated a reasonable little library on most things training.  The bottom line here is that I specialise in one element – I train people. By definition you can only specialise in one element. I’m being picky here but it’s up to you to decide if I am or not. Having said that, will this skill set suit you? No point in hiring a trainer if you don’t like Boxing, running and hard work and they specialise in Boxing. Find the one that has the skill set you like. It makes it easier for all. Be reasonable with what you don’t like as the bottom line is, getting results requires hard work. A balanced and informed decision needs to be made.

Tracking your progress. An experienced and professional trainer will have processes to assess and monitor your progress.  Along with being consistent and knowing your goals they can change your program as you make progress. Some trainers depending on the variables being assessed can also provide regular feedback to you on your progress and any other health and fitness concerns.

A personal trainer should have relevant qualifications and be registered with a recognised industry association such as Fitness Australia. A personal trainer’s job is to work with your health professionals ( if required) , discuss your goals on a regular basis, assess your fitness level with relative benchmarks , design a program for you that goes a long way in keeping  you motivated.

Take your time before you making a choice. That’s why Claudefit  provides a no obligation trial before we agree on working together. Ensure that your personal trainer is appropriately registered and qualified before entering into any agreement. Something that is very important is establishing wether your personality and communication style suits the potential trainer. This should be high on your list of priorities. You may be spending a lot of time with this person. No point in paying with time, effort and your hard earned dollars on someone you don’t fully feel comfortable with. My private facility is not for all and only suited to individuals who want to train without other distractions, guaranteed.

It’s about getting the balance right with you trainer. If done right from the beginning it ensures you will get the results that you are after without any compromises.

All the best in you search.

Claude Castro is a Mill Park based Personal Trainer with over 25 years of practical experience and 8 years actively working full time  in the fitness Industry


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