Strength and Fitness program

Benefits of Strength 

When people are seeking to get fit and back in shape, they often neglect the importance of getting stronger. While getting stronger all the other variables will sit on top of a built-up strength base. Get lifting now and achieve your goals by setting up a solid strength and fitness program.

Benefit by getting stronger and start building your base. Eventually you will be fitter with an impressive (cardiovascular) engine, be structurally resilient and strong. In addition, with an understanding of movement you are well on the way in achieving your goal of getting back into it.

So, it always pays to have a plan. let’s start.

Doing cardio is great, however not enough

However, for the people who chose to ignore the strength component in their general fitness goals and think “I’ll just lose the weight with cardio”, you will simply be a smaller version of yourself and most likely be weaker, have an ordinary immune system and not be strong enough to perform normal everyday activities. To just do cardio and starve will leave your body depleted and not feeling too good and most likely go back to old habits.

Not everyone has to own a 100+kg deadlift, bench press or squat, however neglecting your strength is more of limiting factor in promoting a more active and healthier body and lifestyle.

Pick a Weight

The following is a basic yet effective two-day workout that will deliver an honest all over strength base that is complimented by a 3rd running day. You can use a barbell, dumbbell, machine or Kettlebell.

This is not a bodybuilding plan. It covers the basic compounds that can be built on depending on your strength type goals.

Keep in mind that with the use of Kettlebells you are still getting an adequate dose of cardio. Take my work for it it’s just the way the humble Kettlebell works.

The running delivers you more than an adequate fitness base.

Don’t neglect it as the longer you leave it the longer it will take to get to desired goal.

Strength and fitness program

Day one (2-5 sets and 3-5 reps each)

Hips and Legs

  • Barbell back squat
  • Kettlebell front squat
  • Double kettlebell clean

Upper body 

  • Barbell Military press
  • Kettlebell double press
  • Kettlebell push press

Day one will cover the lower body/core with the traditional and effective barbell squat while the double kettlebell cleans will sort out the posterior chain recruitment. The front squat with the kettlebells delivers more in recruiting the core and clearly gets the job done. The upper body is looked after with the military press and once again in working the double kettlebells the shoulders will be broad and resilient when you can manage the workload with an effective (pressing movement) technique.

Day two (2-5 sets and 3-5 reps each)

Hip Hinge and Back

  • Barbell dead lift
  • Barbell upright rows
  • Barbell bent over rows
  • Chins ups

Upper body Push

  • Barbell bench press – flat
  • Barbell bench press Incline
  • Barbell bicep curls

Day two will finish off the full body workout in working the hip hinge joint with the ever reliable and dynamic deadlift. With the addition of the upright row and bent over rows the barbell will leave you fully worked (pulling movement).

Generally, the chin ups will take anything left you have in working your back.

Lastly the bench press with the flat and incline option and you have covered the upper body (Pushing movement).

Surprisingly if you have anything left in the tank finish off with some barbell bicep curls.

The final touch to a proper Strength and fitness program is to add cardio

Day 3 Run

Basically, you need cardio. A 1-5 klm steady run as a beginner will do you good. It should be your minimum cardio base and should only be a shorter distance that you can manage. This will complement the two-day weight program nicely. It will allow you to get into a steady tempo and start to burn some extra calories and keep the weight under control.

Firstly, be committed and stick to a program that will deliver a balanced return. A leaner, fitter and muscular looking body. Remember a body that has a bit of muscle can burn more calories than one that doesn’t.

Secondly, it would be dismissive if me if I didn’t include the element of nutrition and how much of an effect it has with any fitness/strength and well-being program. Neglect your nutrition and any results will be slow and minimal. Managing you nutrition is not always about weight loss, for some it’s about performance. As the saying goes, Junk in equals junk out. Don’t be that person!

This basic program that takes up only 3 days of your week. Alternatively, you can (with time permitting) treat it as 3 days on and take the fourth day off. It up to you, when you have committed to it for 4-6 weeks the results will be obvious, and you will need to tweak it further.

Finally, this is where a personal trainer can assist you and ensure you are achieving results.

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