Tough Mudder / Spartan Race

As a Personal trainer I’ve participate in several of these events and have been fortunate enough to lead a team of clients who chose to take on these challenging yet fun event – yes they are fun.

If these type of events appeal to you and you are willing to have a go then you have found the right trainer. My commitment is to physically prepare you for whatever the event throws at you in not only get you to finish but to finish well.

They are not out of your reach with the proper preparation and guidance.

These  events are custom-built obstacles designed to test your overall strength, balance and endurance!

Obstacle course preparation

Claudefit personal training will ensure that you are physically ready and finish these events knowing you were properly prepared.

The following is a description of a few elements that you will be need and be taught in you arsenal if you are looking at completing one of these fun and yet demanding events.

  • Running – You will need to be able to run form 7klm to a mighty 20 klm on an off road track, through bush , gravel , thick  mud and an unforgiving undulating paddock.
  • Bodyweight – The ability to carry ones on bodyweight is of high importance in obstacles races/events. A solid understanding and ability to perform the basic bodyweigth movements is a must in obstacle course preparation.
  • Deadlift  – Basically you need this well know exercise in order to lift a 55kg deadball from the floor. imagine running uphill and you are meet with one of these. You need to have the conditioning to put it all together.
  • Strong resiliant shoulders – The shoulders cop a hammering on these events. You need all over shoulder stability and movement in order to get it done . The block drag will surely challenge the shoulder joint. Get strong and resilient and finish strong.
  • The ability to pull – Yes you need this strength in order to pull a kettlebell up on a lever pull or pull a tire up a hill towards you attached to a rope and even negotiate the tricky monkey bar obstacle. Pull up strength is a  must.v
  • Rope antics – There are many to play with . learn to climb, learn to traverse and most of all learn how to walk on them above ground. Get used to hanging onto the rope. Battling ropes anyone?
  • Crawl – Plain and simple the benefits of a bodyweight craws a re primal move. you will need this ability to negotiate all the crawling obstacle above and  below ground. Spartan has a barbwire crawl waiting for you .While TM requires you go underground. Stay low and go
  • Flexibility/balance – Critical in everyday life and often neglected. you need to be flexible and well balances in most of these events. often a lack of flexibility in negotiating obstacles is the reason for the older participants getting hurt.
  • not available at Claudefit Can you swim? – this ones a given , how else will you be able to get across the dam or simply swim away from the jump?

Spartan Race   

The 4 distances consist of the 7K+ Spartan Sprint, the 10k+ Super Spartan, the 20k+ Spartan Beast, and now the 40k+ Ultra Beast. Each region gets a taste of our races starting with a Sprint and working up to an Ultra Beast.


Tough Mudder  

Tough Mudder is a solid 20klm run with 20 obstacle to negotiate. The TM is catered more towards team camradership and we at Claudefit personal training like to do it as a group. we start together and finish together.

for those who are wanting a greater challenge and push the pace a little harder and run it at time . Perhaps the Spartan is you better option.

The following are a few of the more commonly known obstacles that you will be encountering over this event.

  • Arctic Enema: a dumpster filled with ice water that you have to swim across, duck under a wooden plank, and climb out the other side before you freeze.
  • Electroshock Therapy: The last obstacles Tough Mudder participants face before crossing the finish line is a field of hanging live wires that can have as much as 10,000 volts of electricity. There are hay bales and deep mud pits to watch out for as you sprint to the finish.
  • Funky Monkey: A set of incline & decline monkey bars slicked with mud and butter that cross a cold pit of water. Lose your grip and you’ll get wet.
  • Everest: A quarter-pipe covered in mud and grease that you must run up and over before you can move on wards.


Claudefit Testimonials from previous participants

  1. “I met Claude on my 1st tough mudder in 2013. Ever since have been seeing him weekly for strength training for 2014’s tough mudder. I was certainly more prepared . Claude gets you through the course and makes it an enjoyable achievement” Katie.
  2. “This was my first tough mudder with Claude and I’m so glad i had the whole team supporting me and helping me over all the obstacles ! Glad i did it. I’ve conquered my fears with heights and generally my fears of fears! I now know I can do i ! it was fun!” Jackie.
  3. “I have just done my 3rd Tough Mudder with Claude and as usual he was there at every step of the way . Its about teamwork, not a race and it feels good knowing that your PT is a genuinely great person who has time for everyone. The feeling of victory upon completing the course is priceless. Claude makes it easier”. Kaan.
  4. “First tough mudder. the aim was to complete it, That’s exactly what happened. i got through half the obstacles , those obstacles were achievable via training and preparing with Claude. How far you go is all dependant on 2 things. How much you put in and the type of encouragement and coaching you receive” Justin.
  5. “My first tough mudder was great, made all the better by being part of a team led by Claude. He will not leave a team member behind and motivates all the way . we start together, we finish together. always” Kim
  6. “From one trianer to another, well planned, well organised and all the team finishing together…that’s what tough mudders is all about” Nikki


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