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If you’re a busy Dad/Bloke/Husband that simply wants to regain your lost energy and build up a bit of fitness and strength you have found me!  As a father of two past my mid 40’s I understand the daily demands of work and family life taking up most if not all your time.

Given that 90% of the fitness market is catered towards the fairer sex with an abundance of group fitness options I’m sure that the women’s dominated pump class/Zumba/Or wearing Lycra shorts is not exactly your first choice in fitness.

Fit Dads

I have created this info page in order for you, the dad to realise that you are no longer stuck with a program or options that don’t suit your lifestyle. Because I understand what it’s like from the perspective of a busy dad, a qualified trainer, and someone who learned what does and doesn’t  work the hard way. In addition I can’t stand the current rubbish marketing that’s out there promoting unrealistic goals for men like you.

My aim as a mature and experienced trainers is to help dads like you get strong and healthy so that you can have the best chance of seeing  the kids grow up and giving the grandchildren a run for their money someday. Would it suit you;

  • Lose the gut
  • To be stronger and in better shape at 40 than we were at 20, and better still at 50 and beyond.
  • To minimize the time needed to get in shape so that you can spend more time having fun with family and doing other stuff you enjoy.
  • To have a physical and mental resilience that will allow you to better deal with whatever life, work or anyone else throws at us.
  • To build positive habits, exceed our goals and have fun doing it.
  • Or simply to be the coolest dad in the park by simply participating in play and not just watch from the outer. Be nice to play kick the kick without feeling sore or out of breath wouldn’t it?

Best of all to do all this while still being able to enjoy a beer (not many though) and the occasional “man treat” like a burger without feeling guilty!

Active  Dads

My facility is private and catered to get you moving and feeling better that when you first walked in. You will not be expected to simply lift heavy weight because its what everybody else does.  First of all you will be guided through a process of movement addressing any problems with feeling tight or inflexible and wont be expected to do stupid stuff you might have seen on youtube – ok?

My goal is simple, provide a service that will help you out and just allow you to get moving , feeling better and having the energy to last the day out.

Happy to firstly arrange a meet and greet to discuss your needs.



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