Running Mill Park trails

Running Mill Park trails

We are currently on a mission where my buddies and I are looking at tackling another obstacle race. In addition to building up to towards a full road marathon in late October. As a group we have tackled several running events as they pop up and ran them with as part of our regular running. This time around we are being more specific and have planned out strategies to cover three different runs. Running and weight training now had to complement each other. We have already run the Plenty valley 11.2klm trail run. Fortunately for us, running Mill Park trails has always been part of our running schedule.

This base fitness has set us up well to tackle harder trail running during challenging and longer events ahead, the spartan obstacle event is a half marathon trail run along with some decent obstacles. Followed by the road marathon later on in the year. With a solid base of fitness, it’s just a matter of adjusting the running plan to transition from a trail base to road. Our social running schedule had to change. Trail running allows the body to be worked a little different than road. With a strong trail background your road running feels stronger. So, the progression from trail to road made sense.

With a few months of consistent running, we’ve built up the necessary conditioning required to attempt these future running events. All while staying healthy and injury free. We are all have other responsibilities and getting injured is not an option, so we do our best to prepare for the upcoming events with a sound program that balances out running, resistance training and daily life.

Running Mill Park trails during an event 

The first race for us was the gorge run in plenty valley which is an 11.2 klm’s trail run around the blue lake single trails that is one of the more scenic events this series has to offer. It’s made up of several single-track sections, a big hill and several more technical sections that add up to an enjoyable and challenging run. We have run this particular area for several months. We are local to this course so consistently running the Mill Park trails network suits us well.

The many options available allows for changes in the route. We generally cover anything from 8 to 20 klms depending on the type of workout. With trail running throwing in a hill or two makes a huge difference so there’s plenty to offer here. This shorter of the 3 events offers us the opportunity to work on our hill climbing, speed work and overall endurance. Using this event as a stepping stone towards the longer and harder 20klm Obstacle race coming later on.

A simple plan getting you ready for trial running. The bottom line with most programs is to simply turn up, do the work and commit to the long-term plan. Especially with trail running, a lack of fitness will show on those hills.

  • 2-3 times minimum running 5-8 klm’s both on road and easy trails. This would include a longer run over the weekend covering a mix of road/trail. for now, build up to 10-15klm
  • 2 sessions working on resistance training
  • Start of slowly and build up your trail legs with consistency
  • Get used to running elevation

Weight training sessions

Any resistance program should have the view of covering a well-rounded strength base, make you durable and allow for great movement. Given the trail running effect on the body as stronger body will serve you well. The ponding the body takes in running is hard enough. Adding an obstacle event in the future adds to the conditioning requirements.

The strength program is basically a general physical preparation plan that will deliver a bigger return on workout time. We are preparing for running/obstacle events. Not a weightlifting competition. It’s important to ensure that both your fitness and conditioning is up to the task and not be compromised with any weaknesses or imbalances. Weight training sessions for now focused on an all over strength base. Using the classic 5 x 5 method. Solid technique and proper form applied. Not Absolute strength.

The following represents the major exercises/movement covered. All lifts are compound. Pull ups / chins were bodyweight.

  • Trap bar Deadlift/barbell
  • Barbell military press
  • Barbell bench
  • Barbell squat
  • Pull ups/chins

My own weekly program was basic. 

  • Sunday – Long run
  • Monday – Mobility / weights
  • Tuesday – Run
  • Wednesday – Run
  • Thursday – Weights
  • Friday – Run
  • Saturday – Mobility

Preparation is key 

Similar to most things in life without proper planning you are going nowhere. It’s clearly the way to approach any fitness goal as it will go a long way in getting you where you want to be. Whether its weight loss, an increase in fitness levels, becoming stronger or simply cleaning up your food, it will always come down to having an effective plan first. Then sticking to it.

I’ve seen it many times before during running events where a few chosen ones turn up and think they will wing it on the day and see how it goes unfortunately this usually doesn’t go too well. It’s the same thing with nutrition, if you don’t manage your intake along with the quality of your nutrients then nothing will happen.

By having a plan, you at least have a greater chance in achieving your goals. As life tends to sometimes get in the way it’s always good to know that you can always adjust your plan as circumstances dictate. It’s better to have one than not.

Be consistent, commit and get results.

Claudefit Personal training is located in Mill Park. Premises are conveniently located with access directly to the gorge and its many trails.

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