Olympic Weightlifting for physical fitness

Olympic Weightlifting for strength and conditioning                    

Over the last couple of months I’ve been getting back into Olympic weightlifting in a more focused way than previously where I was content with the 3 Power versions of the lifts, kept the sets to a few high volume reps while working on the other traditional strength barbell lifts.  At times it more resembled a crossfit approach than a more specific weightlifting one.

The power version of the clean, jerk and snatch worked a treat in delivering results on their own so there was never a reason to change, especially if you are a sports power athlete that requires you to be more explosive or build on your already established strength base. These 3 exercises is all you will need to reap the benefits of Olympic weightlifting for sport, even better yet if you are in a position to hire a properly qualified and experienced coach on hand to guide you through.

This is my case now as I’ve taken on my own Olympic weightlifting coach to guide me through the more technical sports of weightlifting versions. Weightlifting is one of those disciplines that benefit from an extra set of eyes to keep your movement pattern ensuring you make progress and reduce the possibility of an injury.

The following is a list of prerequisites that are required as you set up to the bar. The checklist is for the snatch. It’s important to cover as many of them as you are able to given the nature of the movements. Ideally you will have a training buddy that can provide you with the cues to set you up. Once set, it’s just a matter of continually working on replicating the movement pattern of the Snatch- Easier said than done

* Feet Hip width apart * Shoulders over and in front of the bar * Chest is Inflated and up * Arms straight and elbows out

* Upright position (back is tight)  * Hook grip * Hips Higher than Knees (80-100 degrees angle)

Now aged 47 my warm up and mental preparation is what gets me ready for Weightlifting. With my extended background in Kettlebells it’s an efficient way for me to prepare myself with the HKC movements and work the exercises until I’m sufficiently warmed up (depending on time of day and temperature this could be 10- 20 minutes)  The simple Kettlebell exercises I utilise are simple and effective. The TGU, Two hands Swing and the goblet squat. Once completed I simply grab the barbell and start on more specific movements relating to the lift. Overhead squat, Power snatches and full stretch movement using just the bar. By then my squat and overhead positioning feel comfortable and the core is ready to go.

Time to load it up.

The current exercise for the snatch that I’m working on have been identified as the ones I need to focus on where I am at the moment.  The points are what part of the movement they promote. It’s these that I’m currently working on in addition to dropping into a full snatch.                

Snatch grip high Pull                                                                     

* High transfer into power production * When comfortable (more experienced), done at maximum speed

* Start position of snatch (wide grip) * Pulling straps can be used

Full Snatch from Hang (Knee Height)                                                                    

* Enhances the ability to accelerate the bar in the second pull * Skill at receiving the bar

* Top of thigh /lower / explode up

Power Snatch                                                                   

* Emphasis on explosive phase * Accelerate as much as possible

* Avoid pushing head forward (promotes hips going back) * Lower than 90 degrees it’s not a power snatch

In addition the above I cover the necessary movement that basically add all over strength. The obvious ones are the squat variations, the pulling /deadlift movements and the overhead press. It’s important to have a balanced program that will allow you to work in all the element of strength, conditioning and power. For some the weekly turn around works well. For me at my age the two week turn around suits better as it allows me to cover all the moves. It incorporates rest periods/ aids in proper recover and just as importantly, doesn’t interfere with work and family.

Maintaining you water intake and ensuring your nutrition supports you goals will completer the package and ensure you are feeling up to the workout recover well and achieve you results.

Claudefit personal training Is located in the Northern suburbs of Mill Park.


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