Nutritional Advice

Nutritional advise

As a personal trainer my main focus has always been catered towards the strength,fitness and nutritional needs of my clients. It it with this understanding that we as fitness professional are only ethically bound by our industry to only provide nutritional advise at best. My specific goal with nutrition is “strictly” for weight management/loss.

My Accredited Certificate in Nutrition (see below)  is also recognized by Fitness Australia and is part of my professional insurance so any advise/recommendations I provide meets industry standards. This in addition to the various books and resources I constantly seek to further my understanding on this ever evolving and broad topic.

Part of my successful role as trainer in relation to nutrition for weight management is to:

  1. Provide basic dietary advice – for example advice based on healthy eating principles
  2. Assess a diet – for example for its variety, quality of foods, the timing and portions
  3. Provide basic meal plans – for example swapping unhealthy options for health options and working with a client to create a healthy eating plan.
  4. Allow you to reach your weight management goals.

Don’t be led by incorrect and unrealistic false advertising promising miracles.

Should you only require a more specific level of service different from the scope of weigh management you should consult a Qualified Nutritionist/Dietician for a more detailed plan relating to your “personal” needs.

Nutrition: May be best described as the provision of all necessary compounds to the body to maintain life, body function and health. Hence nutrition involves the science of what is in our foods and beverages and how they affect our functioning.

Diet: Refers to the sum of all food ( and beverages) consumed by a person . and includes dietary habits. A fundamental diet should be high in variety, wholesomeness ( food made from whole ingredients or ingredients in their original form; for example wholegrain bread) and unprocessed foods ( such as fresh produce). Diets are highly individual , dynamic and adaptive according to the individual and their lifestyle – Cadence health.

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