Ladies group fitness workout

Female Fitness Training

One of the services that I offer as a Personal trainer is my small group fitness classes that is catered for the needs and wants of my female client base. The aim here is to simply burn up those calories, effectively add strength, movement and as they call it, “tone up all those bits”.

However, just simply taking the approach that one type of program fits all their needs can sometimes become a bit of a challenge. There are many ways in delivering the results you see, if you are an experienced trainer that is. My basic template for an all over body blast is simple. I’ll work your entire body with the beginning 3 major movements that I picked up as a Certified Kettlebell Instructor; they will prepare you for the future exercises that will all add up to you getting results. The following thee will make you move better, feeling better and burn up a heap of calories.

The following is the first part of the Session

  • Goblet squats 3×3
  • Swings 25 x 5
  • Turkish get ups. 1 x 5

From this general warm up we are well and truly warmed up and then set up the Barbell for some heavier lifting. Ladies please note that due to the limited release of testosterone from females you won’t get too muscly. An overabundance in food is what gets you big! – No offence meant.

How Strong Ladies are made

Barbell deadlift for all body strength and conditioning:

The dynamic deadlifts is one of the well-known strength lifts that if performed correctly allows you to get incredibly strong without wasting your time with other unnecessary lifts that promise you big results and don’t quite deliver. They are great for females as they burn a lot of energy and get’s you to move those hips, legs and gluteus. In addition the carry over effect of this exercise goes a long way in promoting a leaner and more naturally balanced body. The deadlift also teaches you the benefits of properly bracing your body in lifting properly and safely. It’s is this bracing understanding that will also make your other lifts more enjoyable.

Single leg deadlifts to get to that gluteus activated and worked

I cannot talk this movement up enough when it comes to working your gluteus (Backside) it simply gets the job done and you will feel it instantly when performed correctly. It was one of my go-to exercises back when I was taking female group fitness for a large gym. It teaches you to properly perform a one leg movement that targets the gluteus  and actively gets the core involved to support the exercise. An all over winner in the eyes of my female client.

Front kettlebell squat for leaner legs and strong core:

The front kettlebell squat is easy to learn and perform for most. it’s quite safe as you have the weigh loaded up in front, promotes an upright posture and makes you core get involved as well. With the use of the kettlebels it’s a case of using the correct tool for the job. You can’t go wrong with this basic compound lift that works the legs as they should, as a collective unit.  Get those legs looking lean and strong, get squatting with the kettlebells front squat now!

Kettlebell shoulder press for that shapely look:

For those shapely and not too bulky shoulders the kettlebell press is the ideal way to get it done fast and efficient. It is an all over upper body pressing movement when done with a Kettlebell is easy to teach, perform and has a great return on effort. It’s a safe movement where the ladies get comfortable with this often neglected exercise that is an above the head press. Women often tell me that they don’t like the press because they are not strong at it. Well given the nature of this lift it’s actually the less dominant big mover as opposed to the Deadlift and Squat, so it makes sense that the shoulders are not as strong as the legs. Ladies take action now and start working on those shapely deltoids.

Light Kettlebell snatch for cardio a total cardio blast:

The last one on the list is the one that is the king (queen) of cardio and all over body blast. Period. Once you have a well rounder understanding of the kettlebell swing , have performed hundreds of swings, have become well versed on the Turkish get up and finally have reaped the benefits of the kettlebell press , you are then in a better position to be taught this rather dynamic exercise within the kettlebell movements. In order to move onto the kettlebell snatch you first need to be able to efficiently get the kettlebell from a swing position to an above head hold ( think top of press and top of TGU here) and then back down and into the back of a swing in order to  (using hip drive ) thrust it back up again. Rep after rep.

Say hello to an absolute cardio blast. Best of all, no size ladies.

My ladies group fitness and personal training services go back to my initial years working for several large commercial gyms. I have taken several large group fitness classes and have dealt directly with the ladies for a long time. From this position I now run my business directly from home that allows me to directly deal with you and not pass on my overheads like when dealing through a gym. That is, I’m able to better price my services and not pass this onto you.

Claudefit Personal Training has been operating for 8 years directly in the fitness industry and has over 25 year of own practical experience.

  • Is a Strength and conditioning coach
  • RKC2 Russian Kettlebell instructor
  • Experienced and Professional

My contact details can be found on



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