Isolation workouts

Isolation workouts

As an active person and operating a personal training business, I’m shut until further notice. Stuck at home schooling the kids. A great time to incorporate some Isolation workouts to break up those to long days ahead. It’s time to move. 

Undoubtedly with the unfortunate shutdown of the country, we’ve been told to stay at home. I figure most of us are in a similar predicament. As a business owner the government has told me that we are in hibernation mode. Whatever they want to call it. I’m now unemployed and home bound. I seriously need to move.

I’m fortunate to have my own gym. Usually, I don’t get to sit down too often during work, however covid has planted me on the sofa for longer periods that don’t suit me. With only limited opportunities to exercise like were used too, we now can’t be too choosy with available options. Without access the usual activities we so much enjoy, some of us will struggle with been stationery. Clearly not a good sign.

With no access to the gym or smashing your group fitness class with friends you now must settle with other forms of exercise. Either outside or indoors under isolation lockdown. I know what I prefer. I’m fortunate that as a regular runner with access to an exercise bike plus my own equipment exercising is not a problem.

What if you don’t have equipment? With limitation to outdoor activities been diminished this still leaves you with a few options.

Start with walk to Run

If you have ever wanted to try it, now would be a good time. There are many benefits of running. Its why this form of activity is recommended as part of an effective isolation workout. This includes:

  • The strengthening of lower body muscles
  • Strengthening the lungs
  • Mental health,
  • Weight management.
  • A strong immune system
  • Keeps the blood pressure under check 

And now gets you out of the house. Especially if you’ve been keeping an eye out on the kids while they home school.

Start with a simple walk / run plan. Go out and walk for 5minutes then run slowly for 1 minute and repeat it for up to 20-30minuter at first. It clears the mind, provides some necessary movement to the body and is a brilliant overall exercise. Another is to find an oval and do walk run 50/50 around the oval. That is half run and half walk. The possibilities are many, remember start of slowly then build it up as it suits.

For those who currently do walk and have a few routes, adding running to your isolation workout schedule now would be a good an opportunity to begin running. Possibly that last 500+ meters and build it from there. 

Bodyweight options for isolation workouts 

Undoubtedly, the internet is all over this one, you can just about get a program here for all levels of strength and commitment. I suggest you first go and find out how to properly perform the basic movements that are achievable to you. Pick some of the classics like a bodyweight squat. It’s best Learn the movement properly and start of gently. Try to avoid busting out more than you can handle on the first time.

Next tackle the various ways you can execute a push up, find the one progression that suits you and apply. There are several aids that can be used to change it up once you have the basics down.

The next one I propose is a pulling movement, this one will be a little challenging for you to achieve as you don’t have access to a chin up bar or equipment. Best to look up what is called an Australian row also known as an Australian pull up. You can pick up a stick at your nearest Bunning store to find something suitable. Properly working the pulling and pushing movements will also tax those arms.


Then there’s core, the most basic of isolation workouts to use at home. One of the most often worked areas in bodyweight. There are literally 100s of bodyweight/core variations out there, start with the plank and some crunch movement and build up from there.

Once you build up the fundamental to each movement there will be many variations to making the movement tougher. Get the classics right. When you achieve a basic understanding and built up your strength and confidence you can start adding on more challenging exercises.

I’ll name a few to get you going however with a bit of research you will find a lot more.

Alternating Lunges, mountain climbers, Pistol squat (hard), jump squats, glute bridges and burpees. These are more on the cardio side however they all work best when the movement is right. Hit them when you think you can handle the workload.


To complement the bodyweight movements and build up your exercise knowledge it will be beneficial to learn the stretches that support the exercises. It adds value to your time and makes the session more efficient. You are exercising or stretching it out. Firstly, I would recommend you learn the full body facial stretches first them move onto the major areas like the Hip and Shoulder.

Secondly, you can learn the many possible isolation stretches about. Think full body, Major muscles, then isolate. The benefit with taking this approach is that you will identify the troubled areas that can be professionally worked on once this lockdown has ended.

Lastly, look up some assisted partner stretches that you can work on with family member. These are an excellent option if you can find someone to stretch you out properly with care.

Nutritional awareness

There’s lots of information on nutrition. You can find an endless amount of knowledge from all sorts of qualified professionals on what you should be eating. I for the record will always listen a professional, not an influencer. I’m sure it’s all delicious and the comfort food recipes are out of this world. Always be aware of what you are consuming.

Don’t let it get away from you. You reckon you will work it off, do you?

One of the best ways to keep in check of the amount of food you consume is to start on a food diary. This will tell you exactly what you’re doing and diligently recording it will help you in making the proper food choices. With a general lack of movement now I’m taking my own advice and noting all my food and beverage consumption.

I understand that his is not for all, however this is a great way of ensuring that weight management issues don’t get away from you during isolation.

Kids Isolation workouts. Get them outside

If you are working from home and have the kids with you online studying. It’s a great opportunity to take the family out for some outdoor exercise. As playgrounds are not in use now its best you all go out and walk/run. If possible, have the kids ride their bikes.

Everyone gets out of the house together; it clears the mind and freshens everyone up. So, a good time to walk to the oval, practice your running and watch the kids kick the ball around.

Clearly, it’s the bare minimum and not an ultimate home workout program. The Isolation workout suggestions are a start. Establish a habit that you can maintain. Something to build on post our stay home restrictions.

We all look forward to having our freedom back and get back to normal.

Stay safe.

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