Exercise for beginners over 40

Exercise for beginners over 40

These exercise for beginners over 40 question and answers will hopefully set you on the right path. I have been asked several questions over my time a personal trainer. These have come from many different individuals. I have paraphrased the following.

What are the main physical changes after 40 that will influence your fitness routine? How does the body behave differently from when it was, say, 30-something? 

The biggest difference when we get to the magical age of 40 is the recovery time. The longer time the body takes to heal from any small niggles. For anyone who has already a solid base of exercise from a younger age. It would just be a matter of adjusting the workload and intensity of any activities. this is referred to as training age.

A more cautious approach is recommended for those newbies who are looking at participating in any activity post 40. Another change is a lack of proper movement, that is if you are hurting by performing the most minor of moves like a squat while playing with the kids. Once you are able to move better then you can work with greater loading.

Get the fundamentals right.

What are the areas of caution and issues to watch out for at this stage in your fitness life?

The major one here would be injuries and how they will affect you. Given that you are now in your 40’s it’s fair to say that you have a family, working life and your time is limited for exercise. Adding a rehabilitation process to this just makes it more difficult. Make sure that you are training with a sound program, and you are familiar with the technical requirements. The no pain/no gain approach does not apply. It should be more like slowly but surely.

What are the types of exercise best suited at this life stage, or is it the same as ever – choose what suits you best personally?

Whether you are a beginner of have some background in exercise the major moves are still effective and should not be neglected, movements like the squat, deadlift, shoulder press, a rowing movement, pressing movement, and core should be the pillars in any sound program. Adding the many cardio movement like cycling, running, swimming and team activities places you well with regards to your time exercising. The basic are solid.

I’ve found that once I educate my clients on proper technique and they are able to execute the movement pain free, then it’s just a matter of          following the process and using the required approach depending on the personality types. People respond well when they feel confident in what they are doing, and results soon follow. Nothings better that seeing results to motivate us.

Exercise for beginners over 40. Motivation, Personal best and women’s issues

In regard to exercise for beginners over 40 What do you find are the most frequent obstacles to motivation among clients you see in this age group?

Generally, I’m too old for this and I have an injury.

Once these two reasons enter their minds it’s quite difficult to break this thinking. These two come up usually early on when working with client or when they are not simply feeling well. Over time with a little more experience and working around any (real) injuries people soon realise that they can still work towards their goals and put aside any anxieties and find that motivation to keep going.

Is this a time in your life when you can still actually achieve personal bests, achieve new goals and continue to expand your fitness?

Absolutely! I have a female client who I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She is 60 years young and has beaten her marathon personal best and shorter parkrun 5klm weekend runs. She came to me with a solid running background and realised that she needed a stronger body. Others have been my two dads who want to run their first 5 klm event and even give an obstacle course race a go. The rest simply want to be able to start running pain free. It’s all achievable if you want it to be.

Women/men issues – anything specific for either sex to focus on (bone strength and resistance with women?)

The benefits of exercise are many. With the obvious been that you actually move better and feel better. The aesthetics that we often chase should be a by-product of a well-balanced program. All while supported by a sensible nutritional approach. It all comes down to balance. Once you take this approach you will get that lean and appealing look and for the ladies you will still look feminine. You will find that by simply dropping those kilograms you will have more energy and feel better and be able to push yourself properly and achieve other results. Both men and women in general will greatly benefit from an active and healthy lifestyle. An all-over strong body and mind should be your goal.

From your own experience again, do you have a healthy client base in this age group? Are greater numbers of people now open to staying fit and active in this age group than before? We are younger than we used to be over 40. With 40 being the new 30, 50 being the new 40, and all of that!

I would say that 70% of my client base fits in with this category with most of them coming to see me for an all over program that involves fitness and strength as a priority. Funny enough weight loss is not the sole reason. This is great from a service delivery point of view. From the very beginning I can focus on a more complete program than just coming in to lose the weight.

Basically, these clients are now at an age where a more complete program is required. Expectations a high, are time poor and need an experienced and professional instruction in guiding their goals.

Being 56 it’s a little easier to get my message across to my post 40 aged clients.

Exercise for beginners over 40 final comments

Obviously physical activity is valuable for all and for some has now becomes a necessity. For us older folk, exercise for beginners over 40 where maintenance of good health and being independent are important. Being strong and healthy also aids in the prevention of age/lifestyle factors and related diseases.

With only a dose of Fitness and Strength. It’s time to take action and do something about it.

As we are now over 40, we should all do some form of physical activity, no matter what your age, weight, health problems or abilities.

So, you have to make an effort. It’s never too late to start becoming physically active.

Enjoy the benefits of having more energy. Reducing pain in movement and other age-related matters we have to deal with that are slowing you down. It’s now time to act.

Claudefit personal training has been a personal trainer since 2008 and has own working out experience since 1988.

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