Underground Strength Coach

Does flipping heavy truck tires appeal to you? Or hitting it with a sledge hammer seems cool or you just want to lift unusual heavy stuff from the floor? Maybe a dose of rope climbing along with Old school Kettlebell lifts to compliment your training? Well you have found the right trainer in getting the job done. With a no fuss approach, you can become on strong individual with this particular training style.

It’s all about the attitude.

You must be self motivated and an action taker if this is the training you are after. Simply being the type that gives up when the going gets tough with regards to lifting heavy, well I suggest you try the local spin class and enjoy the music. For other it’s simply a phenomenal way to get it out of your system and build up real old fashioned full body strength.

This type of training required a strong mental approach and a never give up attitude. Otherwise it’s really no worth it.

It is for some of the following;

  • If you are looking at a Kick-your-butt workout for you sporting team, this is it.
  • Are a group of strong folk that want to try something different this is it?
  • Or just lift heavy Shi* this is it.
  • Already strong and want other means of getting you stronger?
  • Group of fellow who just want to have fun with the heavy stuff.

The training is safe, practical and takes a no fuss approach

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