What are Kettlebells ?  have been around for a long time.(300 years!) Made out of cast iron, they’re cannonball-shaped weights with a single handle on top. Although they look really different from the free weights and machines that occupy most gyms, they are one of the best and most efficient fitness tools you can use.

Claudefit is a registered RKC2 ( Russian Kettlebell certified instructor) with Dragondoor

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits of kettlebell training waiting for anyone ready to use them. For anyone willing to try something different (not new, just different) the implications for developing better fitness/conditioning are undeniable.

  • They Produce fat loss! – yes you lose weight!
  • Develops true core  functional strength
  • Improves general physical preparation and ability to work more
  • Kettlebells develop power-endurance and strength-endurance
  • Are great a t improving cardiovascular conditioning and performance
  • Kettlebells develop strength at the extremes of your range of motion
  • Are time efficient, so it means you get more done in less time

Kettlebells with Claudefit.

The obvious benefits of kettlebells appeal to people of all fitness levels, Wether you are after general physical improvement, play a particular sport or need this type of real strength in performing you job. Kettlebell training with Claudefit allows you to get results witch includes the following.

As an RKC2 certified instructor with 8 years of experience under my belt I am able to deliver to you;

  • Full-body conditioning. The body learns to work as one synergistic unit linked strongly together.
  • Big results by spending less time in the gym. “Because kettlebell training involves multiple muscle groups and energy systems at once.”
  • Increased resistance to injury
  • The ability to work aerobically and anaerobically simultaneously.
  • Improved mobility and range of motion
  • Increased strength without increase of mass.
  • And ultimately make you move better, feel better and look your very best!
Kettlebell exercisers are lean and toned, not bulky—a benefit that appeals to women and men alike. Enhanced performance in athletics and everyday functioning

Major calorie burning when using kettlebells had  been found to approximately burn 20 calories per minute–that’s 1,200 calories per hour.















Claudefit personal training has Kettlebell experience going back to mid 2006. Go with a professional and knowledgeable instructor in delivering the most efficient and safe workout with this dynamic little tool.

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