General Physical Preparation

General physical preparation is designed to ensure that there are no weak links in your body. your goal during GPP training is to develop;

  • All round balanced muscular development
  • An efficient cardiovascular system
  • Good general flexibility
  • Agility
  • And speed

This is a must if you are plating any active sports that requires the above traits. Great for teams sports. To accomplish this you will employ a wide variety of exercises and methods , many of which are not directly related to your event or chosen sport.

If you are a more advanced with your training you would still include GPP training in your training schedule , although not as much. This will help you to maintain your base and to enhance recuperation from the more intense and specific training you’ve been doing. for example , in season skill training for chosen sport/activity.

At Claudefit personal training  I employ basic and honest work with both Barbell and Kettlebell work . It gets the job done in an efficient and safe manner.

General physical preparation is generally performed in the off-season. For example Afl footballers,soccer players or rugby enthusiast who are needing to add some muscular development or need to put on some weight. performing  this type of work will ensure you get results.

GPP helps prevent imbalances and for the experienced athlete takes away the boredom with both specific and non-specific exercises by conditioning the body with different and yet rewarding programming.


General physical preparedness lays the groundwork for later Specific Physical Preparedness, or SPP. In the SPP phase, Clients/athletes work on specific conditioning to improve on their particular sports. GPP lays the ground work or base training in order to make increases and improvements on;

  • Particulars sport strength required
  • Speed (skill) training for sport
  • Endurance requirements of sport
  • Work on actual ROM in Flexibility needed.
  • Develop a strong Structure to endure potential impact of sport
  • Develop the actual skill of sport

Get the basics down and dominate you sport! 



Claudefit personal training is a registered

  • Australian strength and conditioning coach (ASCA)
  • Boxing Australia Registered coach
  • Weighlifting Australia sports coach L2
  • Russian Kettlebell Instructor RKC2

With over 26 years of practical experience.  Your strength and conditioning needs can be achieved.



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