Boxing for fitness

Boxing is a high intensity full-body workout that will make you physically stronger as well as aerobically and anaerobically fitter. It is a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance systems as well as training upper body, lower body and core strength.

Calorie expenditure and fat burning are quickly elevated during a well planned boxing session due to its high intensity in utilizing the larger muscle groups while keeping you constantly moving.

Boxing does not tend to add muscle bulk as much as tone and define muscle because it involves such high repetitions. You can enjoy more benefits aside from the physical aspects of boxing training.

Cardio intense boxing workouts allow you to burn anything from 500 to 800+ calories in just an hour.

Boxing at Claudefit

I can accommodate for all levels of strength and fitness that can be enjoyed by beginner to advanced participants. Drills can easily be modified to increase or decrease intensity and complexity of the workout.


What benefits will I see?

  • Weight loss
  • Increased agility and coordination
  • Muscle tone
  • Greater fitness all result from boxing
  • There’s no need to worry about bulking up either.

Is perfect for women who want to lose weight around their bottom and thighs as part of an overall reduction program and especially good for toning your bottom and quadriceps muscles. People incorrectly think that boxing is all about the arms but it is actually a full body workout for you cardio and strength if performed properly.

I’ve never boxed in my life. Will I be able to do it?

Boxing is all about technique so once you pick up the moves you should be fine.

Claudefit also promotes  that;

  • If you’re not particularly fit then that’s not a huge problem.
  • Boxing is actually easier for a lot of people than running, especially for those with excess weight.
  • Boxing helps to build and boost your self-confidence through the self defense techniques and combinations learnt during the sessions.
  • You will also experience a sigh of relief and feel that you are released from stressed. This training also helps you to get rid of that anger that is inside of you. Once these things are release, you may feel lightness in your body and peace of mind as well.

Boxing is one of the most demanding but also most rewarding forms of exercise training.

Boxing is known as the sweet science. As a skill It conditions your entire body and provides one of the most challenging and enjoyable workouts of any sport.

The physiological as well as psychological benefits of boxing are extensive.

  1. It add full body conditions
  2. It provides a challenging  workout
  3. One of the most enjoyable workouts of any sport.

The physiological as well as psychological benefits of boxing are extensive.

  1. Self discipline
  2. Self confidence,
  3. Increased agility,
  4. Increases in Speed,
  5. Better Coordination,
  6. Lasting Endurance
  7. Full body Strength.
  8. Improved reflexes

So come and join me and enjoy the fun and benefits of Fitness boxing with Claudefit.

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