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Strength and Conditioning workshop.

Honoured in been asked to facilitate a Strength and fitness workshop with the Bundoora Seido Karate branch.

A great opportunity to deliver some General physical preparation content in benefiting their traditional Karate.

A fun time had by all in learning and applying different conditioning drills.

If you are interested in similar workshops at your club or organisation I can be contacted on

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General physical Preparation  is designed to ensure that there are no weak links in your body. your goal during GPP training is to develop all round balanced muscular development , an efficient cardiovascular system and good general flexibility , agility and speed. To accomplish this you will employ a wide variety of exercises and methods , many of which are not directly related to your event or chosen sport.

If you are a more advanced with your training you would still include GPP training in your training schedule , although not as much. This will help you to maintain your base and to enhance recuperation from the more intense and specific training you’ve been doing. for example , in season skill training for chosen sport/activity.

  • Since 1988 i’ve been fortunate to be either working out with weights(of various forms) or been involved with traditional Karate followed a few years later taking up the sport of Amateur boxing. It would be reasonable to think that I have picked up a bit of knowledge along the way with regards to training myself and others.  With a solid practical background and supported by continuing formal learning (ASCA/RKC/Weightlifting) I’m able to deliver results from a few sound and tested options in getting the job done.

Please check out the Conditioning link for further information.


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