Claudefit Free Trial Session

Northern Suburbs Personal Training

If you are looking at Personal Training options and are not sure what to do? Easy, pick up the phone and arrange a free (approximately) 30 minutes trial session where you can ask questions and get to know your potential trainer.

Based in Mill Park I offer a private facility for your comfort.

During this session you will simply be put through a Fitness, Strength and Movement screen to establish where you are currently at. No point in putting you under heavy loading when we don’t know how you move.

This session allows us to talk and for you to ask all the question you need with absolutely no heavy selling pressure like you would encounter at most commercial gyms.

All I ask (respectfully) is that you are not wasting both our times as I operate only with individuals who have a good attitude. If your mindset is positive towards your goals, you are more that half way there. This is very important and allows me to do what I need to do. Get you results.

I am an experienced and professional Personal trainer utilising the clear benefits obtained from proven disciplines such as

  • Kettlebells
  • Bodyweight training
  • Weightlifting
  • Powerlifting

And various other Strength and conditioning protocols. Along with a solid background in Boxing and Traditional martial arts, you are sure to get results you are after, all within a properly equipped and private facility.

Claude has 26 years of practical weight training experience and been working closely within fitness facilities for many years. If you are committed to your strength, fitness and overall health, I am your trainer.

As an experienced trainer both personally and professionally my approach is simple and effective. Recognise what is preventing you from reaching your goals and taking action in rectifying this situation. As everyone is unique it is a dual effort by you and me in achieving your goals.

Within our fitness industry there is always promises and guarantees on you partaking this or that type of training you will get faster and better returns. I wish. Unfortunately this is not always the case. A sound and committed adherence to proper eating and regular training is only the beginning. You will also have an understanding of the behaviours that got you into trouble (weight gain, lack of energy, feeling ordinary) it all plays into one system – your body.

My commitment: I will work with you individually on what you want to achieve. I will help you set realistic goals, a balanced approach to nutrition and your own individual exercise program if required,

I will work with you to achieve results.

Personal Training Services

My skill set and extensive experience allows me to work on:

  • Weight Management/Loss
  • Strength
  • Fitness
  • Movement.

Learn to move better, feel better and look your best

I look forward in hearing form you.



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