Whittlesea Municipality Personal trainer

Whittlesea municipality Personal trainer

Congratulation, if you were looking at finding a personal trainer, you have found me. I’m local to your area in Mill Park and will make it worth you time should you wish to take it one step further and get started on your personal fitness, strength and health goal. I look forward in hearing about them.  Let me first outline what I actually do. It will allow you to be informed and then take appropriate action.

Claudefit services Include;

  • One-on-one personal training options depending on your needs.
  • Semi-private personal training / small group. This is particularly popular with my female clients. A friendly environment where you are part of a small team or with your partner, its up to you.
  • Workshops – if you are a sporting club and require specialised Strength and condition information I’m available to provide services within different training protocols.

As every person is different, I will work with you individually on what you want to achieve. I will help you set realistic goals, a balanced approach to nutrition, your own individual exercise program if required and work with you to achieve results utilizing proven methods with a professional approach. No gimmicks here.

My focus in delivering results covers; 

Weight loss/management – We will discuss you nutritional requirement and make the necessary adjustment in delivering you results. It’s just a matter of setting up realistic and achievable goals and working on strategies in keeping you accountable.

Strength & conditioning – Should you be looking at taking you current training to another level and require the strength for you sport I can certainly help you out. I have over 25 years of practical experience and registered as a strength and conditioning coach with ASCA as a level 2.

General physical preparation – This is the basis for all endeavours, with GPP you are able to get body to perform as required, GPP is the preparation of the body as a whole. It’s what most programs should incorporate in order to get results. You need a strong and fit body to get the results you want. And one that is resilient to potential injuries.

Increasing you fitness base – Well the name says it all Claudefit will get you fit. My base of running along with my understanding of the body will certainly elevate you base of fitness. It all depends at what level you need. Do you want to run a 10klm running event, a trail run, or complete a Tough Mudder obstacle course? Let me know.

Improving your sports performance – Should you require a more resilient body in taking the knock you get from sports such as  Gridiron, AFL, rugby , or simply running based sports, I can help you out in developing a stronger and more resilient body that can handle the impact.

Claudefit Personal training guarantees

A professional level of customer service

A highly experienced trainer

A private environment


For further information check out my website www.claudefit.com.au  or call 0412 589 570 and make a booking now.


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