Stay active and move old fella

If you’re a busy man that simply wants to regain your lost energy and build up a bit of fitness and strength or wishes to maintain these elements you are just like me!  As a father of two past my mid 40′s I understand the daily demands of work and family life taking up most if not all your time. While other active types are still playing their chosen sport, signing up for obstacle races, fun runs and triathlons I’m happy in still being an active older bloke that enjoys lifting weights, playing with Kettlebells, food , running and most importantly, enjoy active fun with my kids.

Given that most of the fitness market is catered towards the fairer sex with an abundance of group fitness options, like booty camps, hips and thigh classes, suggestive advertising on what you should look like, watching the morbidly obese get smashed and ridiculed on TV and the local commercial gyms female dominated group class it’s no wonder this is not your first choice in maintaining or regaining your fitness and strength.

Some of us stubborn types are still hanging around weight rooms, commercial gyms, and even now joining CF boxes and PT studios of all sorts. As a bloke we all like to think we can still handle the intense stuff!

Yeah, Yeah, I know YOU still can!

Obviously our own thoughts on what intensity and strength will be different to others and as we age sadly changes from what it used to be. It’s funny that will all my experience and supposed maturity. I still have that sense to lift heavy and push the pace, even now with running I reckon I can knock off the Olympic world record in the 10klm or am the faster’s alpha male at Spartan race! “Just give me more time please”

This is where my old head takes over and says “hold on there champ” you are no longer the young man you were.  Really? What went wrong?  I’m a man and don’t want to wear Lycra and do group classes dammit!

It’s important that for some of us not fighting it we recognize we are no longer bullet proof and while some of us even carry old wounds hopefully have realized we don’t recover like we used to. So if it hurts when you do an overhead extension (lifting your arms up above you head) or are unable to fold at the hips (say to pick something up ) without buckling in. and can’t see your toes, my good man I got news for you. You need to move, and move well. Even worse when these basic movements diminish they might even prevent you from earning an income.

I don’t know about you but it’s not what I look forward to heading into my later 40’s

Once you start to move and get the patterning correct you can still take action in achieving the following goals. Just like you car, if you don’t look after it. You are not going anywhere! If you are still interested in, Losing the gut, (For some) to be stronger and in better shape at 40 than we were at 20, Minimize the time needed to get in shape so that you can spend more time having fun with family and doing other stuff you enjoy, have the physical and mental resilience that will allow you to better deal with whatever life throws at you Or simply to be the coolest dad in the park by simply participating in play and not just watch from the outer. – TAKE ACTION NOW!

Whether it be running, swimming, cycling , Weightlifting , Powerlifting, Kettlebells, bodyweight or even boxing it’s important to recognize that movement of the body should be a priority with all disciplines. With the basic progression of movements I found in Primal Move and PCC syllabus I first found the movements/positions challenging. However with most things you just need to practice and eventually you will find your grove. I’m feeling a lot better with my overall patterns and still manage to keep on lifting weights.

Now pain free.

The whole change to a greater emphasis of movement in my training and my knowledge in martial arts compliments my bodyweight trainings quite well. As a personal trainer and Strength and Conditioning coach who’s been lifting weights for around 26 years now I’m always looking for ways to execute movements that eventually assist me with helping others move better and ultimately feel better about themselves.

The goals is simple At our age, train towards a more complete package of physical strength, fitness with better movement.

Or simply ageing older and stronger!

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