Preparation for Stadium Stomp

Stadium stomp preparation

Running stairs to my clients is not something they first thought of was possible prior to beginning training with Claudefit in either one-on-one or my Ladies group fitness. The best part about my job as personal trainer is when clients ask me if they can do events. The answer is always yes and most eventually choose to take on the challenge. Whether it’s the stadium stomp stair climb, Tough Mudder or any other fun run event all are basically dominated by running. In this case we need to deal with over 7000 of them.

So how do you actually plan for such events without actually needing to find the local hi- rise (difficult for most) and train for it? And for those who are fortunate enough to have ample stairs to run. How not to go a little stir crazy in such confined places like stairwells?

In our case we need to be well conditioning to get us through the stadium stop event that requires you to consistently run up and down and traverse the famous terraces of the MCG.

Stair climbing preparation

The choice tool here at Claudefit are Kettlebells and Boxing for the initial conditioning and working on individual movements that compliment their program. No point in running up stairs when you are in pain due to a lack of mobility. In addition all clients are then either out running or doing own training sessions all while monitoring their weight management goals. The events for us at Claudefit always serve as the motivator in reaching your goals. Clearly a win-win scenario we often choose to keep us accountable.

A sample template on a regular group session wound be;

  • Kettlebell swings for time (30sec, 45sec  1min sets)
  • Kettlebell squat ( a front squat variation )
  • Kettlebell Cleans
  • Kettlebell single leg row
  • Turkish get up
  • Running

(The important take home here is choosing the correct bell size that does the job and changing the set rep range for variation. The only non compromise here is the technique)

Then we switch it over with a pure Boxing approach. This particular type of training for us is to enable the explosive component required to work out your cardiovascular system. It’s better for me as a trainer to work on this in a one on once scenario and get the (rounds) volumes up within a controlled environment.

Once a solid cardio base is build the participants are then able to push the pace when performing their own running training alone. For beginners this makes it simpler to just focus on the running and enjoy the journey to getting fit. It’s just a matter of transferring over your built up strength and fitness to the endeavour you are following. Once your strength base is adequate and you are moving well then you must take it outside and reap the benefits of the overall program. No boxing will make you stair climbing better. Only stairs will do this.

This is a given with our group as this template of Kettlebells and Boxing firstly gets you to;

  • Move well
  • Become  stronger
  • Builds up fitness base
  • And for some assist my client with their weight management goals. It’s what most signed up with me in the first place. So I never lose sight of this important goal.

From a more technical point of view , If you take one thing from the famous scene of running from rocky Balboas training regime, make it stair climbing. The constant plyometric motion strengthens the same muscles as lunges and squats, and taxes you lungs and heart as you power to the top. (Think rocky music here) That is, it absolutely gives you an enormous heart pounding workout and clearly delivers results.

The bottom line is that most training for these events relating to the casual fitness buff only requires general physical preparation. My experience with both Boxing and Kettelbell allows the delivery of a service that is also well suited to weigh management goals. Add in a sound Nutritional approach and you are basically heading in the right direction.

Once I get these element in order it’s up to you to push the pace for that PB or simply becoming a stronger individual.

Here at Claudefit personal training we use all events to keep us all motivated towards our own personal goals.

If you are in the Mill Park Area Let me know if you are interested.

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