Kettlebells for Mobility

Kettlebells for Mobility and Strength

It still surprises me to this day that most gym goers neglect something that is an important component of their overall fitness and strength program. People tend to neglect their mobility work in stretching and flexibility as parts of their workout not realising that it will go a long way in adding value to their program. It’s best described as something they will do at home later. Somehow I don’t think this will happen. In the past I’ve myself have been guilty in taking this approach. I guess I was too busy and in a rush wanting to get home and didn’t really place too much emphasis on it.

The bottom line is we all need some form of Mobility for the benefits it brings. Take yoga for instance and you will soon understand why it’s such a popular past time. Its stretches you out, makes you feel great and promotes a healthy outlook in life. However one component is missing. It’s not strength training.

So what will allow you to both get a strength and mobility workout in a single session? well this is where the ever reliable Kettlebell comes into it. The Kettlebell will allow a natural pattern of movement and with the three exercises I will cover with be all you need in combining the elements of mobility, stretching and strength.

The Kettlebell movements here are the Turkish get up, the goblet squat and the dynamic swing. Along with the relevant stretches (depending on your needs) you will be well served at getting what you want. A more flexible, stronger and mobile individual.

The Turkish get up. This old and dynamic exercise will allow you to from a lying position stand up again with the weight been held above your head in a press/locked out position. It’s not just a “trick”exercise that gets you to stand up and lie back down again. It’s more than that. The benefits here are within the transition of various positions in getting you to stand up and get back down again in benefiting both sides of the body. With an experienced RKC Kettlebell Instructor you can be sure this single exercise can work your movement, flexibility and strength components all in the same workout.

The Goblet Squat. This little treasure if performed correctly benefits you in getting those tight hips to open up in a controlled and safe plain. I’ve used it many times in getting the older gentlemen with tight hips in both aiding inflexibility and simply taking away the pain of feeling rigid and sore as men often do. The other is that it promotes a solid postural position in its application, on obvious carry over effect if daily life. Especially for those office workers who seek comfort from sitting down all day. It’s also an excellent way to teach someone how to squat. If you can get them to perform a proper goblet squat it makes sense to be able to do a freestanding one and then progress with load.

The Kettlebell Swing. One of my go to movement for most fitness requirement in delivering results. The swing allows me in one movement to get the hips to fold and contract the posterior chain , it helps me indirectly teach the deadlift, compliments your running mechanics, builds stamina and is a clear winner in burning calories.Overall performing the kettlebell swing and its many variables is a staple here at claudefit. Because it works. 

The above three exercise on their very own are great for delivering solid results in movement, flexibility and strength and have certain carry over effect in many sporting application. You can also add more specific exercises depending on your needs. Together they make up a total movement package in making you both stronger all over and mobile.

Unfortunately a lot of trainers get to the fun stuff because they mistakenly think this is what client needs.   Yes it is what the client needs but with most movements you are required to have an adequate range of motion. (ROM)   And guess what gets it done. mobility work.Without a sufficient ROM you will not be able to benefit from the exercises properly and get the results you are after.

It’s important to include mobility work into you program, over time you will learn to move, stretch and work on flexibly more efficiently over a workout. Once you take the time to apply some simple drills you will never look back.

I’m sure you work out to Move better, feel better and look you best. So grab a kettlebell now and get started.

Claudefit is a certified RKC2 instructor with over 7 years of practical experience.

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