Hiring a Personal Trainer, the benefits

Hiring a Personal Trainer

If are one of many fitness enthusiast who have been plotting away with the same routine for the last couple of months, not getting the results you are after or seem lost as to what to do and are now looking towards possibly hiring a personal trainer, the benefits are many. I’ll cover a few of when looking at hiring a fitness professional outlining several points you should also be aware off.

As a starter a personal trainer should have relevant qualifications and be registered with a recognised industry association such as Fitness Australia. A personal trainer’s job is to work with your health professionals ( if required) , discuss your goals on a regular basis, assess your fitness level with relative benchmarks , design a program for you that goes a long way in keeping  you motivated.

The bottom line here to get you results.

The benefits of hiring a properly suited Personal trainer are;

  • Reaching you goals. This is the main reason you should hire fitness professional. The right one will have the experience and be professional in their dealing while getting you closer towards your health and fitness goals.
  • Provide a safe environment. At my facility it’s always safety first .Given the industry we are in we are basically using the body in getting the work done. And for this reason your welfare is a priority. No use in hiring a personal trainer that will work you to the point of potential injury under the mistaken belief that this is whats supposed to happen. its like  paying someone to just hurt you or cause you a long tern injury. We play it safe at Claudefit and ensure you get results. Not broken.
  • Ensure that you stay motivated. Client motivation is always a very individual thing. I don’t mean having the best music or yelling that you. I meant by getting results. If funny how when a client starts to see results it promotes the feeling of achievement and automatically ensures self motivation. Results feed motivation. not the unnecessary distractions.
  • Constantly work on improving your technique. For an experienced trainer who is constantly focused on your movement this should be a given. no point in paying someone standing next to you on while having a conversation with another . It’s your time and keeping an eye on you in the correct application of technique should be a priority.
  • Ensure progress is made. This is the reason you hired one in the first place. Right? Well this should be a part of their Key performance indicators. If you don’t feel you are getting results. One or both of you is not doing what you are supposed to. and need to be addressed.
  • Make the necessary adjustments as you reach you goals. The constant attention to your needs allow a god trainer to as part of their role make the necessary adjustments as you get more mobile, flexible, fitter , stronger and can handle a greater workload. There is plenty to work on when dealing with an experienced trainer. You should always be trained in a way that brings out your best. The great trainers thrive in getting client to this stage.
  • Provide supporting and accurate advice on items such as Nutrition and associated behaviours. As fitness professional we are not Nutritionist/Dietician and at best should not provide specific advise on delicate matters relating to your nutrition.  At best we can advise on the best strategies relating to weight management ( weight loss) and general health and well being. Obviously this is not an issue if your PT  has the formal education to back this up.
  • Teach you to be able to exercise by yourself. The experienced trainer who knows this can benefit in overall client deliverables. I myself take on a teaching approach and provide the skills and programs for my own client to be able to work out by themselves. (I cannot run with everyone, you see) Clients hire me to be able to provide them with something they are not able to do themselves that includes a higher levels of service . The Pt sessions and own clients workouts all add up to client results.

Take your time before you making a choice. That’s why at Claudefit Personal Training I provide a no obligation trial before we agree on working together. Ensure that your personal trainer is appropriately registered and qualified before entering into any agreement. Something that is very important is establishing wether your personality and communication style suits the potential trainer. This should be high on your list of priorities.

Make sure that you have taken adequate time in finding the one that suits you. You may be spending a lot of time with this person. No point in paying with time, effort and your hard earned dollars on someone you don’t fully feel comfortable with. My private facility is not for all and only suited to individuals who want to train without other distractions, guaranteed.

It’s about getting the balance right with you trainer. If done right from the beginning it ensures you will get the results that you are after without any compromises.

Claudefit Personal Training has been operating for 8 years full time with over 25 years of own practical experience. check out my website for further information.

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