Fitness and Weight loss

Fitness and weight Loss

It’s been proven over and over that when you are looking at losing weight for the long term its best to take a combined fitness and weight loss approach. By working out you are strengthening your body, preventing structural imbalances and building lean muscle which all promote you to also take a proactive approach towards your nutritional intake. Once you have a base fitness level and compliment it with a practical eating program you are well on the way in achieving results. When these two elements are adhered too results are sure to follow.

Much more practical and healthier than simply going the starving yourself mode in looking for the quick fix.

As a Personal Trainer people often see me in relation to their overall health and fitness goals and for some come to me with the view that they “only want to lose weight “ and are not interested in getting stronger or even consider getting fit. These two elements can be exclusive but if you want to lose weigh the reality is to simply not eat! Obviously you can purchase the magic supplements, take them as prescribed and in a few months you are magically skinny right? sure but in addition you will have no energy, look sick and not be able to carry over to daily activities and feel good about yourself.

People who starve themselves don’t end up feeling any better either.

Fitness and weight loss at Claudefit

Over the years that I’ve been a trainer my focus on the exercise component of weight loss has been on working the areas from several elements I have a skill set on. Whether its Boxing, Kettlebells , Bodyweight or Barbell work the return is the same, an all over body workout. The isolating of muscles does not do too much with regards to burning calories. It does not work for fat loss. Primarily I will work on an all over program in delivering a greater return on movement. The larger muscle areas will be worked firstly in generating the best calorie burn.

A snippet of a typical workout is as follows. It’s set up for 1) an all over workout and 2) a high calorie burn.

  • Kettlebell swings 1 minute ( rest) x 5
  • Kettlebell clean and press 30 seconds ( rest x5 )
  • Skipping 3 x 1 minute rounds
  • Boxing  – 3 x 2 min rounds on pads
  • Boxing heavy bag 3×2 min rounds

Keep in mind that this is only about getting your calories burned and without a doubt you need to be fit in order to generate the higher burn.

The benefit of getting your fitness up is that you will actually feel better and move better, and will be in a more positive mindset and by complimenting it with a good food plan will reap the benefits of an all-round program that in the long term will benefit your overall fitness and health.

By becoming fitter you will burn more calories at rest, use more calories when exercising (due to greater output) and generally not get tired.

Go ahead, get fit first and burn up those calories.

Claudefit personal training is local to Mill Park and surrounding areas, with over 25 years of practical knowledge in fitness you are going to be looked after from an experienced (8 years) and professional fitness trainer 

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