All round fitness and health

All round fitness and health 

During the time that I’ve been lifting weights (since 1988) it had never really occurred to me why I actually enjoyed training. It was just something that I gravitated towards and as my friends were all into it, I might as well join up and get big and strong because that’s what we all did and wasn’t going to miss out. It was never about moving well and dare I say even feeling well. That stuff was what other people did. I just lifted weights and trained in Martial Arts and that was enough for me.

I was never interested in bodybuilding like the rest of my mates but liked pumping weights. Funny enough I was the odd one out that didn’t have visions of grandeur and wanted to compete on stage. It scared the Sh*t out me really. I got over it quickly and then fortunately for me focused my efforts on martial arts instead.  Back then I had the time, plenty of it. Whether it was the usual 2 hour gym workout or afternoons spent at the Dojo it was all I focused on. Chuck in uni and part time work and that was it.

Funny how things change.

Right now my PT business at Claudefit and personal approach has shifted more towards the movement and health focusing on the greater benefits as opposed to simply lifting as much as you possibly can. This is not going to replace my initial belief as I still like being strong/fit and quite active. In fact these additional element will allow me to do my job more effectively resulting in better client results. When delivering an overall health and fitness service it more than just lifting weights and running on the treadmill for 5 minutes.

The benefits and enjoyment of exercise are many and varied. The following seven points are just a few and can justify why you should be taking up a regular all round health and fitness plan in order to feel better, move better and ultimately look your best – If that’s what you are after. These are not specific to typical weight lifting approaches, however are more to do with becoming healthier and more aware of your general well being in addition to feeling fit and strong.  Becoming aware of these components allows you to be better served heading towards your later years in life where you can still be active and maintain you energy levels.

So lets now focus on you overall health and read about the following benefits;

The maintenance of you ideal body composition. With any type of movement the body needs to burn energy and this is what gets you started. If you move you blow calories. If you move faster you burn more, simple as that. For some just taking up walking is sufficient if you are one of the many who is unfortunately obese, for the others who have been there and are now leaner with fitter and stronger bodies barring any injuries, most likely the running, swimming  or cycling is a regular occurrence. stay active.

Reduced risk of heart disease. As its been proven the benefits of moving and losing the extra bodyweight by becoming fitter and more health conscience prevents the heart from consistently working overtime due to the additional weight it has to bear. Whether you are a 150kg muscle bound weight lifter of 150kg obese person the heart still has to work hard in moving this load. The benefits of a well rounded health program are a major contributor in preventing heart related diseases and also promote the Reduced risk of type 11 diabetes which is closely associated with been severely overweight.

Improved bone density. This is simply a result of putting your body under controlled resistance in aiding the strengthening of the joints, ligaments and muscles all at once. It’s all part of becoming stronger and preventing age related symptoms to prematurely take control. Strong bones are better able to handle the daily grind you put yourself though every day. A weak structure will only collapse. So get that structure strong.

Lower risk of depression and other mood related disorders. For those who already are participating in a regular training program and who look after their nutrition the general feeling of the “fitness effect” is something they are well aware off. I myself now run just to clear the mind. It’s funny how after going for my regular run that my mind is clear and I seem to be in a better mood on return. The same can be said for many of my PT clients who after a somewhat challenging day at work choose to belt out a couple of rounds on the focus pads and feel much better for it. Must be the primal aspect of just hitting something I guess.

Improved longevity . Guess what?  Lifting weight and becoming fitter don’t guarantee you will live to be 150 year of age. It will just have a positive impact and  improve the way you feel with the time you are blessed with. The choice is yours wether you chose to be unhealthy, slow, unmotivated and sadly for some not concerned or For those who care about their fitness and health benefits whose prefer to be active and get on with enjoying  life. Nothing more needs to be said.

Improved immune system. A fitter and stronger body does not get as sick as often as an unhealthy body. Over time i have experienced this first hand when dealing with personal training clients. Initially they lack energy and fitness and somehow seem to be sick and feel flat most of the time. Given a sound program they all of a sudden feel more energised, don’t miss work or training sessions and seem to be more active than before. Some even forget the last time they were sick. Funny how being fit and strong can have a certain carry over effect . A clear benefit in taking care of yourself I say. A more resilient body will always look after you and not get broken down. Feed the body well and strengthen up you immune system. You will still get sick its unavoidable, however not as much as before.

Increased feeling of wellness and vitality. There is no other way for me to describe this as that once you get over the initial hurdle of taking up a workout plan you are going to feel great. You will have more energy and basically over the day will get more done. Plain and simple. The feeling and confidence of becoming stronger has definitely a carryover effect to your life. Don’t know how many dads have told me they have more energy to play with kids or mothers who tell me they are now more confident and fitter and now run on a regular basis, or the best one yet. I don’t have time to watch television anymore as I’m too busy getting stuff done!

It doesn’t take much to look after yourself and the best time is to act now. If you leave it too late like most you will only be missing out on what’s out there on offer.

Ultimately it’s your choice.

Take action now and get involved with looking after yourself and if you do it right you will actually enjoy the process.

The rewards are waiting.

Claude Castro. Owner of Claudefit personal training 


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