Finding the right personal trainer

Finding the right personal trainer

Over the time that I have been associated with the fitness industry firstly working the gym floor, taking group fitness classes, working with many commercial gyms, becoming a personal trainer to now running my own business I’ve always been fascinated about the questions asked about personal training. It’s always been a bit of an interest. Often I would be asked if I was a good personal trainer or who is the best one in here?  In my mind I would think, Like I’m going to answer no or yeah the other guy is better than me. I just smiled back and continued with conversation the best I could. When I first started personal training this was a somewhat arrogant view that I took.

Now with a few more years under my belt it now seems like a reasonable question. You see people who ask the question don’t know a thing about personal training and simply want to know. Keep in mind that potentially you are going to become a valued client and obviously pay for this personal service. So it’s fair to say people see Personal trainers as fitness professionals who are going to deliver to them their goal.

Some places to start looking for a personal trainer include local gyms, fitness centres and studios. In my case I run my own business at Claudefit personal training.  When you’re at the gym, watch other potential trainers with their clients and see how they look working together. It doesn’t take long before an observation and decision is made. Make a note of trainers who get along with their clients, smile and seem fully involved in their client’s workouts. It’s what you are going to get. I myself have a testimonials section on my website for potential clients to read. Better to let other talk you up I say.

I’ve decided to make it easier for all and put down 5 pointers that can help you find the one that suits you. In no particular order here goes.

It’s about the best one suitable for you. That’s right. Sometimes the Pt that most regard as the best one “because they will smash you” might not be the answer for your particular needs. It’s all about finding the trainer who you can communicate with and can both demonstrate the movement and articulate what they require you to do. You need to feel comfortable with you potential trainer as you will most likely be spending a bit of time with them. The personal trainer should be someone you like.  Ask yourself if you think you could get along with the trainer and whether you think the trainer is genuinely interested in helping you.

A good listener   A good trainer will listen closely to what you say and respond accordingly.  Make sure they understand your goals and if these change ensure that you’re both still on the same page. Make sure you feel comfortable asking questions from the very beginning. We trainers naturally have eternal personalities and this sometimes prevents a clear two sided form of communication due to being focused on working you out. Don’t be shy and speak up. A good trainer listens to clients needs. This allows them to always be aware of what you are thinking and make changes as/if required.  This can easily be established when you initially meet one for potential work. Trust you instinct on this one.

Attention  This is a given , if you are paying someone for their time in training you it should be clear that they will be totally  focused only on you during your sessions. A good trainer will correct technique on the spot and make ongoing adjustments if you are not getting it right. I spend a lot of time holding the focus pads for clients during our Boxing session and don’t recommend losing focus here. Basically would you pay for someone who just stands next to you on a machine while they are checking their phone? You are investing in your health that you obviously place a high importance on in hiring a trainer. So getting the attention you deserve should be expected.

Is their skill set suitable to you? Over the years I’ve fortunate enough to accumulate both practical experiences, elevated my formal studies and attended over a dozen workshops in refining my professional development. I have become well versed on many elements such as Boxing, Kettlebells, and Weightlifting to bodyweight training. In addition I have taken formal studies in Nutrition and have accumulated a reasonable little library on most things training.  The bottom line here is that I specialise in one element – I train people. By definition you can only specialise in one element. I’m being picky here but it’s up to you to decide if I am or not. Having said that, will this skill set suit you? No point in hiring a trainer if you don’t like Boxing, running and hard work and they specialise in Boxing. Find the one that has the skill set you like. It makes it easier for all. Be reasonable with what you don’t like as the bottom line is, getting results requires hard work. A balanced and informed decision needs to be made.

Tracking your progress. An experienced and professional trainer will have processes to assess and monitor your progress.  Along with being consistent and knowing your goals they can change your program as you make progress. Some trainers depending on the variables being assessed can also provide regular feedback to you on your progress and any other health and fitness concerns.

A personal trainer should have relevant qualifications and be registered with a recognised industry association such as Fitness Australia. A personal trainer’s job is to work with your health professionals ( if required) , discuss your goals on a regular basis, assess your fitness level with relative benchmarks , design a program for you that goes a long way in keeping  you motivated.

Take your time before you making a choice. That’s why Claudefit  provides a no obligation trial before we agree on working together. Ensure that your personal trainer is appropriately registered and qualified before entering into any agreement. Something that is very important is establishing wether your personality and communication style suits the potential trainer. This should be high on your list of priorities. You may be spending a lot of time with this person. No point in paying with time, effort and your hard earned dollars on someone you don’t fully feel comfortable with. My private facility is not for all and only suited to individuals who want to train without other distractions, guaranteed.

It’s about getting the balance right with you trainer. If done right from the beginning it ensures you will get the results that you are after without any compromises.

All the best in you search.

Claude Castro is a Mill Park based Personal Trainer with over 25 years of practical experience and 8 years actively working full time  in the fitness Industry

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