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Weightlifting for Crossfit

I have recently been offered and accepted a position as Weightlifting coach for one of the new and very exiting Crossfit premises out in Craigieburn. I’ll be looking after the members with technical and programing requirements in order to prepare them for their own competition within this new brand of fitness.

If you don’t know what crossfit is and are an active exercise participant, you might be mistaken for someone who has been in the dark ages. Crossfit has literally taken over the fitness world and is now a major player in the states and other parts of the world in relation to this style of training and let’s not forget to include their ever-growing participant base. Add some local and regional competition to establish who the best is an all of a sudden you have a juggernaut called Crossfit.

It so big now that we now have the crossfit games that have an enormous television viewing audience and Is now regularly been held in Australia for qualification into the overall championship held in the states.

My humble part will be simply to add value to the current members who are looking at brushing upon their Olympic lifting technique, look after the members who are looking at competing or simply want to learn how to properly and safely perform these dynamic lifts. I’m very much looking forward to the challenge of adding value to the crew at crossfit Craigieburn.

Olympic Weightlifting

In Olympic weight lifting the core exercises performed are the snatch and the clean and jerk. Both these exercises are very difficult to perform and require extensive adherence to detail when applying the techniques, assistant exercises and related stretches.  In relation to more sports related training both these lifts and their variations have been highly regarded as “the discipline” to incorporate with their explosive movements in adding clear benefits with both high end strength levels and power output. With sports such as AFL and the rugby codes it has obvious benefits.

Olympic lifts should be prescribed when the individual has progressively developed significant relative and absolute strength to capitalise on the speed and full body movements required to gain maximum returns. I look forward in preparing the member out in Craigieburn in relation to these lifts and other associated strength exercises.

The classes are held of Friday evenings and are from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm and are suitable for all.

Hope to see you there ready to get strong and powerful.

Happy lifting.

Claudefit personal training is located in Mill Park in the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne. Contact detail can be located via the website www.claudefit.com.au


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