A few of my conditioning exercises.

As many experiences Personal trainers will tell you if you are after quick results it’s all about keeping to the basics and doing them well. A basic movement should not be confused with an easy movement!  I will say this, for the athletes, Crossfit enthusiasts that enjoy their sport and the committed individuals who make training part of their lifestyle, it’s the only way. It’s a must and is the most valuable component we need. They simply return more bang for your buck and are proven superior to the many fads that have come and gone.

Do them well and results are sure to follow. Neglect them and you will not progress.

A somewhat downbeat view to take on this is the fact that doing the basics over a long period of time is boring to some and in my opinion is not handled well by the 99% of the regular weekend fitness crowd either. The cries of “gimme another program because this is not working” is common in commercial gyms after giving it a try for only two weeks and maybe just 3 sessions.

In order to be able to grind out proper session after session sometimes the training can be changed to add a fresher approach and still be results based. The following are some of my got to movements in relation to my fitness and strength client. These are great for strength and conditioning, suitable to Crossfit type training or those who are already following a somewhat rigid and set plan catering to more specific needs can be used on lighter days and still cover the main body parts.

  • The first one is a variation on the old power move with the bench press and power clean. Basically I use a bench protocol of 5 x 10 with a reasonable weigh superseded with a set of 10 double cleans with pair of kettlebells. This gets the heart rate up and allows for a nice compact hit to the system. Give me a couple of these sets and you’ll soon have the lungs working overtime. Repeat for 5 sets
  • The next one is basic ally a set of barbell front squats superseded soon after with a set of 10 Swings with a pair of double Kettlebells.  Again the same response in reaching for the imaginary oxygen mask (that I never have around) and one you’ll soon find an appreciation for fresh air. The response from the front squat alone works your heart rate to the max. The kettlebell is these just to test your will. Go ahead challenge yourself.
  • One of my favourites for the shoulders is performing a set of ten double kettlebell push presses followed immediately by ten fast bodyweight push ups. Try these with a limited rest in between sets. Basic and brutal if you choose the correct set of bells.
  • The use of gymnastics rings are also a stapler here. For example try pushing out 10-20 chest presses  ( alter angel depending on strength ) on the rings followed immediately with  a set of 20 hard style swings with a single “ heavy” kettlebell that will allow you to get 20 solid swings done. You have to be honest here in choosing the right bell and angle used on the rings. Given the proper application you are sure to get that hear rate up and as they say in this industry -feel it. Great for the hips.
  • Just to add a bit of bodyweight mix to these conditioning movements the last one to try is one for the bodyweight tough guys. Perform a set of sprawls to a chin up (back) and repeat for a set of ten.  Try to ensure that the start and end position of the feet are the same than jump up and in one smooth flow perform a pull up. Repeat for ten. This one takes a bit of practice like most of them. Once you get it right it sits in these nicely as part of your conditioning arsenal.

At Claudefit my client base is generally people like you and me. We want to get fit, lose a little weight, have some muscles and look good. The above movements are part of what is introduces to incite a response in delivering results. Great for those who are interested in Crossfit preparation in a one on one environment.

For the more advanced types. Learn them and then hit them hard. With the correct application to protocol you are sure to get the desired effect.

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