Boxing for fitness

Boxing for fitness in Mill Park

When performed with proper approach and skill boxing returns a high intensity full-body workout that improves both your aerobic and anaerobic system. Standalone it’s a complete full body workout that over time creates a more than adequate base of muscular endurance – The ability to throw puncher over and over. The conditioning a boxer possesses allows for a greater workload, and efficiently trains the upper and lower body. Plus, the core gets a serious workout due to its high intensity nature while utilising the larger muscle groups constantly kept moving. Best of all the calorie expenditure and fat burning results are brilliant. A well-planned boxing for fitness workout accommodates all levels of strength and fitness. Glove up and be ready slip, parry, punch and swerve all the way to a fitter you.

What types of session are available?

The sweet science as its often called can be enjoyed by beginner to advanced participants. Drills can easily be modified to increase or decrease intensity and complexity of the workout. A brilliant full body workout can be achieved by most. It’s no wonder that boxing for fitness classes is well populated in commercial gyms group fitness. With a highly energised instructor you can be worked as hard as you like. Just like any other fitness activity, you get what you put in.

With the smaller group session, you naturally get a little more attention due to class size, expect more focus on technique. They teach a better skill level. Understanding the fundamentals of boxing will ensure you minimise possible injuries to wrist or rolled ankles due to poor form. A sound technical base allows you to work more efficiently and ultimately harder. This is the goal, right?

Another approach is to use a personal trainer. One with boxing background that will develop your basic punches, movement and teach you how to block. A more focused attention is given with a greater emphasis on mitt work plus use of specific boxing equipment all delivering what you invested in. This type of one-on-one training is dynamin in its effect on your fitness. Once you have the basics down a solid session leaves you totally worked and feeling great.

For other who want to fully embrace the sweet science and developed a focused boxing arsenal its best to seek out a local club. Local clubs are great for those seeking boxing as their main activity. The group environment is fantastic. All participants share one goal. Learn a great skill and achieve a high level of body conditioning.

The benefits of boxing for fitness you will see

Weight loss, increased agility and coordination, muscle tone and greater fitness all result from boxing. Many people think that boxing is all about the arms, but it is actually a cardio work-out for the whole body. It’s especially good for toning your glutes and quadriceps muscles, which is perfect for women who want to tighten up this often-targeted area as part of their fitness program. You can enjoy other benefits aside from the physical aspects of boxing training. Highly intense boxing workouts allow you to burn anything from 500 to 800+ calories in just an hour. Gym classes will add running and a load of sit-ups in addition to their cardio boxing session. Expect to run a lot. Wear a fitness watch and see those calories add up.

With classic boxing work we add specific footwork to your session, you also work the equipment alone or with a pad holder. This skill work involves you slipping, ducking and pivoting while putting in some combinations. More enjoyable with footwork. The moment you start moving around the cost in calorie expenditure goes through the roof. Depending on how hard you want to work burn you can achieve some serious energy burn and earn some fantastic fitness.

There’s no need to worry about bulking up either. Boxing is very much a high repetition work-out so you’ll earn some quality lean muscle.  A boxing session is quite empowering for some. While others get right into it. Generally, by the end of the first class/session, you should be able to throw a solid punch. And totally spent.

I’ve never done any boxing for fitness in my life. 

Boxing is all about technique so once you pick up the moves you should be fine. If you’re not that fit, not a problem. Boxing is actually easier for a lot of people than running, especially for those with excess weight. “It’s easy to modify the exercise to suit you so every one of all ages and fitness levels can participate.”

As a classic bonus boxing helps to build and boost your self-confidence through the self-defence techniques and combinations learnt during the sessions. Apart from being fun, Boxing is also a practical for of self-defence. It’s important for both men and women to feel like they have some idea of how to deal with conflict and confrontation and develop the confidence to protect themselves. As we all know being confident is enough to prevent such situations from occurring.

You will also experience a sigh of relief and released some stressed. This training also helps you to get rid of that anger that is inside of you. Once these things are release, you may feel lightness in your body and peace of mind as well.

The harder you work, the better the results

In summary, Boxing is one of the most demanding but also most rewarding forms of exercise training. It conditions your entire body and provides one of the most challenging and enjoyable workouts of any sport. The physiological as well as psychological benefits of boxing are extensive. It conditions your entire body, your mind and provides one of the most challenging and enjoyable workouts of any sport.

Boxing for fitness can be for anyone. Start now and punch yourself to those fitness goals.

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