Become an active parent, kids will follow.

Become an active parent , get yourself in shape. The kids will take your lead and follow. Set the example.

As a fitness professional and an active parent. An observation I’ve made is the inability of parents to get actively involved with their own kids. When it comes to simple activities like kick the kick or simple bike ride around the park. Or just joining in on the fun at the local playground. It seems to me that parent these days are too busy checking in their Facebook status. And playing games on their phones. As a result missing out on valuable parenting time.

And most importantly interacting with their kids. I’m going out on a limb here. Similarly some of you might agree with me. While others be slightly offended. This is not my intent.

Getting involved in activities

How about taking a more proactive effort into your own personal health and incorporate a fitness regime. Making it work around the kids while creating an opportunity to fit in a training session or two. With almost two-thirds of Australians are overweight, including one in four children. It’s about time you stopped being a spectator and let the kid having all the fun. Go ahead, Join in and get that base fitness up, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve.

What I’m not suggesting is to go out and play hard and hurt yourself. I’m asking for you to at least have the ability to simply move around. Have a base fitness level to keep up. And a well conditioned body allowing you not to be sore. Become an active parent and work on being mobile and pain free.

Seriously you shouldn’t be sore after just playing with you kids. Getting yourself fit doesnt mean you need to look like a fitness cover model. And have to play like an elite AFL player. Would be great though. It simply means being able have a body that is able to deliver solid fitness, strength and movement.

You might end up having a good time.

A couple of ways that you can find the time to get some exercise in. And by extension possibly get the kids involved. From the little I know of kids they copy what you do.  So basically the old saying “monkey sees monkey do” rings true. So go out and get moving as a family should.

Tips on becoming an active parent

Make use of spare time

While the little ones are participating in say Gymnastics, Swimming, or Martial arts. Why don’t you use this opportunity to go out for a walk? Time it so that you get back a little sooner and still be able to spectate the kids. In my experience the little ones won’t mind if their parents are also exercising. Why let them get all the benefits? Plus they will be pleased that you are exercising just like them.

Take them out to park

What about when you take them to the park, you do take them don’t you? Active kids love that. Get involved and don’t be the parent who sits there ignoring your kids while they are seeking your attention and approval. Go ahead and join in, even if it’s just too initially stretch out. Get used to the equipment since you last played on it. Remmenber?

Walk when you can

As simple as it sounds for most even having the desire or energy to walk is hard. So how about taking the time to walk up to the shops for small items. To the local park or any other regular location nearby. Take the time out and get that 30minutes in, too easy. If cold put a jacket on, if it’s a light rain grab an Umbrella. Simply get out and walk. Give the 5 minute drive a miss. Walk it.

Running on an oval

This activity can be a beginner’s guide to getting out and enjoying the benefits of running. It’s how I’ve managed get ting my clients started. How? Simple. Start off with a few meters of running then walk for a while and repeat. For example on a footie oval. Practice running for about 100 meters and walk for another 200 then repeat for about 3-5 laps. From there you’ll start managing it a bit more seriously and run half, walk a quarter and repeat. All of a sudden you are knocking of laps of the oval in no time. The kids can join in by playing ball sport in the middle of the ground. While you keep an eye on them and them on you.

An active parent runs or rides while kids ride along

Take the little ones out for a bike ride while you run. My personal favourite is where my wife gets to go out at her pace. With my 12 year old daughter riding beside her. They cover anything from 8-15klms depending on her plans. This would depend on you getting better at running and fitting in some direct exercise time with the kids. I know that you might see this as hard exercise. But if you start with short runs at a low intensity I’m sure you’ll get here. By the way the kids don’t see this as exercise, the just want to go for a ride with mum…or dad.

The benefits of exercise are many and can only be positive if you partake in the many activities available. So if you’re worried for the health of your family. Your children’s , your spouse’s or your own. It’s about time you got moving. never to late to become an active parent.

Too many kids and adults these days in my opinion are wasting their time in playing mindless games. Either on their home entertaining systems, hand held video games or sadly on their mobile devices. This approach to parenting creates bad habits that your kids will follow.

Take control and get them off the games and spend time with them.

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