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Thank you for taking the time to visit ClaudeFit Personal training in relation to your goals on:

  • Strength & conditioning
  • General physical preparation
  • Increasing you fitness base
  • Improving your sports performance
  • Weight management

ClaudeFit is focused on achieving your goals while promoting a positive, healthy and lasting lifestyle change in helping you move better, feel better and look your best!

Personal Training Services Include:

  • One-on-one
  • Semi-private personal training
  • Weight management Advice
  • Workshops

As every person is different, I will work with you individually on what you want to achieve. I will help you set realistic goals, a balanced approach to nutrition, your own individual exercise program if required and work with you to achieve results utilizing proven methods with a professional approach. No gimmicks here.

Claudefit Personal training offers

  • A professional level of customer service
  • A highly experienced trainer
  • Sound nutritional guidance
  • A private, hygienic and safe environment

Sure you will get a cardio and strength workout. However it’s important to also factor in the particular goals of the people I work with so every training session is centered on your particular needs.

My sessions are catered to the different fitness and skill levels of the individual or group participant.

Contact me now and start working towards your goals in building a leaner, fitter and stronger body. The training is challenging, motivating results based and always about you about you!


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Claudefit Personal Training has been operating as a sole business since 2006 and has over 32 years of practical experience in fitness and strength training.

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