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Hiring a personal trainer

Hiring a personal trainer

It’s getting to the time of year again when people are starting to think about the oncoming spring months and now focusing on their current fitness, health and wellbeing.  It’s the perfect time to start your fitness regime given that you have plenty of time to prepare yourself for the warmer months ahead.

I myself have been involved with this industry as Claudefit personal training coming to 10 years and in addition have been proactive with my own personal fitness and strength since 1988. The industry since has dramatically changed in many positive ways with now an abundance of choices in getting you fit,strong and leaner within your reach, It’s just a matter of knowing what to look for.

If you are like me and past your late 40’s you are most likely looking for someone who at the very least has a sound working knowledge on how to train people. You will also be expecting to be paying a professional who delivers results and a high level of service for your time, money and effort you will be investing with this specific training resource.

So how do you find the correct personal trainer for you?

Here a few tips on finding the correct one. Given the nature of the industry its best to be armed with the knowledge of exactly what you are getting in return for your investment in time, your hard earned cash and safety. Here are the items that need to be on your checklist in order to make an informed and practical decision.

It’s all about you so be diligent in your choice.

Personal trainers can help people reach their health and fitness goals, or they could be big wastes of money

Experience & Professionalism

Given the variety of choice with our Industry an experience trainer who has time under their belt is certainly a worthy consideration.  For the ones who have been around the industry over 5 years you should be expecting to be with a trainer who has managed to stay busy enough with clients to keep themselves employed and continue to develop their skills. These are the ones who have acted with a sound professional approach and have managed to make a business out of personal training.

Skill set & Ability to deliver results

The expectation of the trainers should be that they’re well versed on their particular choice of skill set they promote. If they promote strength training ,Fitness conditioning , kickboxing or boxing do they have a background in either of these disciplines or was it obtained from a weekend workshop. At Claudefit you are dealing with an experience Martial artist and registered Boxing coach. It’s important to understand which skill you are actually paying for.  It’s not only being thorough but for your own safety as these high impact sports (used for fitness)can injure the client with an overzealous trainer who with all good intentions pushed too hard.


It goes without saying that your trainer should exhibit some sort of maturity, and what I mean by this is the ability to verbalise teaching cues without resorting to inappropriate language under the impression of getting you motivated. yelling down at adults isn’t my idea of training you. One of my dislikes in young trainers make questionable remarks on your current shape and overly judge you apparent lack of effort. It’s not our business to make such remarks. It’s ours to train you, educate and deliver results in a professional and supportive environment.  It’s always good to know your trainer also has responsibilities like kids, a mortgage and can understand life outside the gym. Apathy is not the domain of younger trainers who often mistakenly judge you are unmotivated and lazy.

Level of service

As someone with a strong background in client deliverable’s it’s the one item that has allowed me to be in this business for as long as I’ve been. Basically do as you say and follow up all your promises. If your trainer says they will call you, and then expect a call. Having to deal with someone who is consistently late for sessions and forgets important details should not be rewarded for this level of poor service. I previously had my own trainer who was coaching me spend most of our time (that I paid for) on Facebook or confirming the next day’s bookings. I simply cancelled the session on the spot and will never deal with them again irrespective of how “good” they are.


Safety and cleanliness of premise should be primary goal. Is the equipment being used up to the standard of using it in a commercial environment? You are not paying to use someone’s home gym set so expect to be working with equipment that is properly designed for this purpose. Again this is an issue of safety as you need to know the equipment can withstand the constant abuse it takes every day. A simple “cheapo” home gym simply won’t cut it. In addition a dirty gym reflects badly on the trainer.

Approach & personality  

This is an important component in getting the right trainer as you need to be aware how your potential trainer will approach the way they train you. Will they go all out and treat it as a boot camp, will they conducted as a slow and drawn out workshop (boring) or simply deliver the workout as you requested with a sound understanding of training protocols. Far too many times in my experience I have seen newbies somewhat destroyed by their trainer because they thought this is the way to achieve results.

My methods are simple. Claudefit gets you to move better, establish a solid base of all over strength and ensure that you fitness level compliment the other elements. Once this base of body conditioning is achieved it tends to work out that my clients are the ones pushing themselves as the feel how hard to work during out session and get the results they are after.

Remember you need to crawl before you walk.

Claudefit Personal training is an owner operator committed to delivering results based on your needs.

Ladies fitness and strength workout

Northern Suburbs Kettlebell trainer

Having been involved within the fitness industry since 2006 in starting from walking the gym floor, group fitness and now operating my own personal training private facility I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of women in both group fitness and now in personal training sessions. Prior to that I had been involved with martial arts and seemed always to be in the teaching and training others mode. By now I think I’ve got a general idea as to what works well for the ladies, what they like and definitely what they don’t like.

If it wasn’t obvious to you the ladies have a habit of telling you outright what works, what they like and over time you get to learn a lot. Sometimes more that you would read in a book.

Now that I operate my own place I’m able to continue to deliver a high level of service in conducting my personal training sessions. I have the space and equipment now without disruption to cover the entire basis on what the ladies need.

Some of the requests I’ve had include. (In addition to strength, fitness, weight loss) are working the Hips, thighs, flabby triceps, bottom of the belly, muffin top and puny legs. OH let’s not forget their Bu**!

The exercises that are my go to movements will basically cover all the bases with the many and varied requests I get from clients and additionally allow me to provide them with a decent base of Strength, Fitness and ensure they move better. It’s only logical that with all programs you don’t just focus on just one element. You need an all over balance. Still hitting those areas a little harder doesn’t hurt.

Well almost.

Here are my most dynamic and effective exercises that are a favoured with the ladies I work with. As an experienced RKC2 kettlebell instructor with several years of ladies group fitness under my belt, watch out as you might get what you want!


  • Kettlebell Squats – With any effective program the inclusion of squats in any form provider they are performed correctly will go a long way in achieving results. The kettlebell squats sith in the rack positon and hits both the quads and gluteus while the more upright position gets the core activated. Go get some.
  • Kettlebell SLDL – this little gem I picked up a few years ago from a fellow female fitness kettlebell instructor. How? It simply isolates the gluteus while working the single leg. Give this one a go and see how you negotiate the stairs at work the next couple of days. To date I haven hear one lady complain about the effect this one has.
  • Kettlebell Swings – A staple within the kettlebell world and a dynamic standalone movement that works your, hips, butt and legs all in one. The cardio gets an absolute boost while also promoting grip strength. It’s a go to for me when warming up that posterior chain. (Hamstrings, gluteus and lower back) and easily fits into the programming needs of my female clients.
  • Kettlebell Military press – One of my favourite movements is the classic Military press (standing shoulder press) that is performed standing up, as most kettlebell movements are. The simplicity with correct technique makes the Military press and ideal upper body movements. For the ladies the arms get a tremendous workout so there is rarely enough gas in the tank to even consider curls. An excellent shoulder workout with additional benefits when performed correctly.

Core work

  • Medicine ball sit ups – This old classic is basically performing a high volume of medicine ball throws while you complete a sit up and throw it back. Give this one a go with a lighter ball and go the volume. Your abs will be screaming for a while.
  • Hanging knee raises – This is an alternative to the good old crunches. It works the same muscles however the loading on the body creates a greater return with isometrically holding the core, grip strength overhead extension and works the core brilliantly.
  • Hollow position/prone holds – These two I stole from my gymnastics buddies and is a well know one with the yoga group. I rotate the hollow (dish position) with the classic bridge hold to ensure your core area is also strengthened during strict stability work. Who’s up for a tight set of abs then?

This is just a small sample of the few exercises that work with only a kettlebell and 3 selected core movements. Obviously we can get results with a barbell and other equipment. For the sake of efficiency and keeping a solid tempo I have chosen the kettlebell for its ease of use and immediate effect it has during the session.

The ladies like to know what works ASAP, for now the kettlebells it is.

There are many more ways in hitting certain areas as requested. The above ways simply works for me given my experience with this dynamic tool in providing you what you want.

A firmer, leaner and fitter body.

Claudefit Operates his own private gym facility within a professional environment and takes a straightforward no fuss approach in delivering results.

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