Tough Mudder- It’s all about the headband

Given the recent interest in all things obstacle racing by the general public and the abundance of current choices promoting these events I thought it might be good to educate some on what these things are all about.

So here’s the deal with our event- tough mudder. You have to like to run (20klm) on dirt, mud, gravel, pavement and trotting along paddocks. You have to like getting mud everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. If you are the type of person that likes to jump of moderate heights into a dam, slide down a makeshift water slide, get “mildly”electrocuted, trounce over mud, enjoy and ice bath, swim in cold water and even crawl underground for a few dark metres you should be ok and will survive! Oh did I mention you have to run.

At the end of the line In Tough mudders case , we are welcomed with a complimentary beer (VB) which to me, I wouldn’t even wash my old mans carburettor with , however not to be too anti social and really wanting to drink anything that did not have mud in it turns out to  quite a treat. The reality is I’m just a beer snob!  On completion all you get for your effort is a silly once size fits all orange head band along with a finishers T-shirt. You then basically look like everybody else around. Filthy, exhausted, jubilant, proud, somewhat energised, ready to tackle the world knowing you have accepted the challenge and along the way conquered some fears! All while proudly showing off your new kit! I really treasure my “silly little headband” It is after all my badge of honour.

“Before anything else preparation is the key to success” – A .G. Bell

Our preparation began by getting our general physical preparation (GPP) up to safely ensure we would all have a better chance of getting out it alive! (joke here) Let me put it this way Lack of preparation will show up on the day. period. Like any endeavour this will ring true. The better the preparation the better you will be both mentally and physically ready to not only run the 20klms plus 18 obstacles, but to actually complete the event and complete it well. That is after all our plan.

Our team at will be tackling this event for the third time and having been through the initial “first scary one” we know what lies ahead, what it takes and most importantly how to prepared for it. We now have a team of around 10 plus our support crew/cheers squad tagging along for the ride. For the tough mudder crew in addition to their own particular Personal/group training requirements our basic programming over time has been lots of bodyweight movements, regular running, all the basic compound lifts ( pulls, press, push and squat) while utilising both barbells and Kettlebells for variety.  A solid serving of hard style kettlebell swings was always a regular treat. The Cardio component in particular with the ladies group has been complimented with Boxing specific training (a truly full body workout) overall the group is well prepared and physically ready to tackle the coming challenges.

With a basic preparation of running along with a solid strength base anyone should be able to complete the course without much trouble. A properly followed program not only readies you for the event but allows you to recover quicker and reduce the risk of injuries. However if you are one of many and turn up unprepared with only a bare minimum of preparation, (and believe me I’ve seen plenty examples out there) You will somehow find a way through and eventually make it but I don’t like your chances of pulling up well for the next couple days following or even worse, get an injury that could have been prevented in the first place by simply taking the time to prepare your body for the an obstacle course. So please be warned.  Our team newbie’s naturally are a little nervous but with all our events they will be taken care of by the more experienced among us during the day  – after all it the way we do it.

We are prepared and we will conquer it ……….Together as a team.

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